Cost of Breast Reduction | Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

There are numerous factors that affect the total price of breast reduction surgery Turkey. Usually, breast reduction prices will include the cost of anesthesia, medication, testing, post-surgical bras (breast compress)—and other overhead charges. Other variables that may add to the overall cost of breast reduction surgery in Turkey: qualifications and experience of the plastic surgeon, additional procedures (such as breast lift or a liposuction), surgical technique and the extent of treatment. FlyHealth offers competitively priced breast reduction surgery packages inclusive of the treatment cost, overnight stay at the hospital, hotel accommodation, patient hosting, transfers and interpretation service.

If you decide to undergo breast reduction surgery, we can give you exact cost information, financing options, or discuss other options that may help you recover some of your out-of-country expense.

Breast reduction Turkey procedure

The most common method used by plastic surgery Turkey doctors in breast reduction involves three incisions. First one is made around the areola, another runs vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast. The third incision follows the natural curve of the breast crease.

After the surgeon has removed excess breast tissue, fat and skin, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position. The areola, which in large breasts are usually stretched, can also be reduced in size. Skin that was located above the nipple is brought down and joined in order to reshape the breast.

Liposuction Turkey may then be used to improve the contour under the arm. Usually, the nipples and areola remain attached to underlying mounds of tissue, and this allows for the preservation of sensation.

The ability to breastfeed may also be preserved by this method, although this cannot be guaranteed in all cases. Skin that was located above the nipple is brought down together to reshape the breast.

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Frequently Asked Question about Breast Reduction

  • Can breast reduction in Turkey be performed with breast lift?

Yes, the best result of breast reduction surgery is achieved when the breast is lifted as well. Breast lift in most cases is applied in conjunction with breast reduction surgery. However if liposuction technique is used, breast may not be lifted.

  • Is the breast reduction scar so visible?

Breast reduction scar will unfortunately be permanent although they fade a lot in time but modern techniques ensure that they are minimal. Contact FlyHealth to see some before after pictures to have an idea about how visible scars are.

  • What are breast reduction complications?

There are few potential risks of breast reduction such as bleeding, scar, pain, changes in nipple sensation, infection and breast asymmetry.

  • How long is the breast reduction recovery process?

Swelling is usually expected to decrease within six weeks and you may go to work in one to two weeks after the surgery, depending on how demanding your job is.

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