Cost of Neck Lift | Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul - Turkey

Since a neck lift can be performed in conjunction with other treatments, the cost may be higher than if it is done alone. We provide customized treatment packages inclusive of the procedure cost, surgeon’s fees, anesthetic cost, transfers in Istanbul, patient hosting and hotel accommodation.

Neck lift procedure

A neck lift surgery is carried out under general anesthetic and is usually performed on an outpatient basis, unless it’s done in conjunction with other, more complex plastic surgery treatments, such as facelift Turkey. To start the neck lift procedure, your plastic surgeon places an incision in the neck region. The length, position—and pattern of the incision—will be chosen based on the patient’s unique anatomy and appearance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neck lift

  • I have a saggy neck. Will neck lift in Turkey help me?

Neck lift would possibly be the most suitable treatment for you as will correct your saggy neck skin. Your muscle will be tightened and loose skin will be removed for a more youthful facial appearance. To better evaluate your condition, please send us your pictures so that we can send you an evaluation of our plastic surgeon for free.

  • How long does neck lift recovery take?

Most patients usually experience some bruising and swelling for one to two weeks. Sleeping with elevated head makes the recovery process faster and diminishes swelling.

  • How much does a neck lift cost?

Surprisingly, neck lift cost in Turkey is much lower than other European countries such as the UK and Netherlands. We offer up to 70% savings on UK and Netherlands prices. Contact us to learn more about how much neck lift costs in Turkey.

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