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Daniel’s Medical Journey in Turkey – Afro Hair Transplant results

Daniel’s Afro hair transplant results

Daniel is from London, UK. He did a afro hair transplant with FlyHealth in Turkey.  Decided to do that after seeing afro hair transplant results.

FlyHealth is trustworthy of the patients. This is Daniel’s opinion after the black hair transplant in Istanbul. He did not have any concerns as he searched about FlyHealth. Saw afro hair transplant results. The experiences of other patients encouraged Daniel to contact FlyHealth and register for the surgery.

Afro hair transplant results after the surgery

Afro hair transplant was Daniel’s choice. He has seen afro hair transplant results on FlyHealth’s website.

Under local anesthesia, individual follicular units containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed. It was with follicular unit extraction or FUE harvesting. This micro removal typically uses small punches between 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm in diameter. The specialist then used very small micro blades to puncture the sites for receiving the grafts. He Placed them in a predetermined density and pattern, and consistently. Specialists angled the wounds to promote a realistic hair pattern.

According to Daniel, the specialists were professional and they did a fantastic job. He was very satisfied with the result. The good thing about the black hair transplant in Istanbul that it is affordable and it can be done in one session.

Daniel’s Experience with FlyHealth

Pick up from the airport to the hotel and to the hospital was not a concern for him, as well as the afro hair transplant in Turkey. He admired the hotel, as it was a 4-star comfortable hotel. Daniel praised the meals he enjoyed while his staying. Our patient stayed in Istanbul for his surgery. There was a tour in the city, which is part of the offer FlyHealth provides to the patients. So they can have a very good recovery. Tourism is important in the healing process, for it beautifies the experience of having surgery, and this is what Daniel felt.

More information about Afro hair transplant

Why to choose FlyHealth?

Daniel recommends FlyHealth to all of his friends and family. Because he had a positive experience in having the afro hair transplant. FlyHealth is a medical tourism company.  Ultimate objective is to provide high-quality medical treatments to patients from all over the globe. In Turkey’s finest healthcare organizations. Based on comprehensive medical tourism experience and the needs of our clients. FlyHealth is able to provide a complete package. It consists of us handling all treatment processes and offering treatment plans. High class accommodation in carefully chosen places. Private transfers and hosting.  Pre-assessment outcomes to customers, arrange doctor consultations as well as hospital appointments. We can also organize shopping or trips to tourist attractions on request.

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