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Dental Implants in Istanbul – Life changing 2 visits

Our patient Marc Jones from England suffered from missing tooth for many years. It costs him a fortune to get these treatments done in England. Not only the costs but also the waiting times in the clinics put him off from doing it in the UK.  He has started searching options for more affordable dentists and came across FlyHealth.

We have assessed his dental situation and offered him 6 dental implants with 12 zirconium crowns in our partner clinic. During the first visit implants were replaced and 4 months later his zirconium crowns are fitted in 10 days time.

This is for him life-changing experience. As he was not self-confident enough to laugh, open his month freely or even talk. If you are also suffering from similar problems, contact us today and be ready to give a new direction to your life.

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