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Tooth loss can happen for a variety of reasons- trauma, dental disease (such as periodontal disease), smoking, lack of professional dental care, or having rheumatoid arthritis.

Dental Implants Turkey

The good news is dental implants Turkey can be a viable option to correct missing teeth. Turkey dental implants will restore your oral health and improve quality of living. They aim to provide a solid foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

With Turkey teeth implants, people who experience tooth loss regain the ability to eat virtually anything.


Dentists Turkey assure that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved.

Dental implants Turkey treatment usually involves two surgical procedures. First, Turkey dental implants are placed within the jawbone. During the first three to six months following Turkey teeth implants surgery, dental implants exist beneath the surface of the gums, as they are gradually bonding with the jawbone.

The dentist will place a temporary denture, which will allow you to eat a soft diet during this time. During the three to six months, the dentist will be simultaneously crafting new replacement teeth. After the implant has bonded to the jawbone, the second phase begins.

Your dentist will uncover the Istanbul teeth implants and attach small posts, which protrude through the gums and will act as anchors for the artificial teeth.

When the artificial Istanbul teeth implants are implanted, these posts will not be visible. The entire dental implants Turkey procedure usually takes six to eight months. Most patients experience minimal disruption in their routine.

Turkey dental implants can also help preserve facial structure, preventing bone deterioration that might happen when teeth are missing.


Frequently Asked Questions About Turkey Dental Implants

I need cheap dental implants. Does FlyHealth offer affordable but quality dental implants in Turkey?

Yes, FlyHealth is proud to offer affordable Turkey teeth implants at top quality. FlyHealth is only working with dentists who are board certified and highly experienced. The implants materials they use are the best quality; therefore, they are very durable. Thanks to the low costs in general, Turkey is able to offer one of the most inexpensive dental implants in Europe.

I am afraid of dental implant pain. Is there a way to prevent it?

Modern techniques ensure that Istanbul teeth implants should not be painful. Of course a little discomfort and bruising might be expected after the surgery since this is a surgical procedure. However it should not be forgotten that Istanbul teeth implants are placed under local anesthesia; therefore, there is no pain during the procedure. The pain after the procedure can be controlled by over-the-counter painkillers. Trust you will be safe in the hands of our experienced dentists to leave you with happiest and healthiest smile you deserve.

If you want to learn more about dental implants in Turkey, contact FlyHealth now and we will be happy to give you any information you require.


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