Hollywood Smile

It can light up the day, erase bad mood and even make you fall in love! It costs nothing but gives much. It has a power to break the ice and restore relationships. It is understandable in all languages! And it is even your business card. So many words can be sad about smile! Its power and importance is incredible! The first thing we see when we meet someone is his face and smile. That is why teeth condition is so important. It is what people see firstly. Teeth also expressing all your health condition. So it is very important to to have healthy and properly located beautiful looking teeth. Nowadays there are many treatments which aim to restore the aesthetically appearance of the front teeth, which are seen when person is smiling. However sometimes they cannot be helpful. For this kind of cases Hollywood smile turkey is the best decision. Your teeth will not be just white and have a good shape. Even if your teeth location and bite were wrong in some cases it can be corrected by this wonderful treatment.

Hollywood smile restoration

includes the restoration by using dental crowns or veneers of the 20 teeth (10 top and 10 bottom teeth) . From 4 to 6 days are enough to have your dream smile. It is possible to have this procedure done in such short time in case if the dental clinic has its own laboratory. You can also choose the color of your teeth. Your smile will be designed according just as you wish it to look like.  

Cost of Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey

The cost of the Hollywood smile turkey package can change. Dental veneers are more expensive then the crowns as the emax material is more expensive then the zirconium. Also the preparation of the veneers is more difficult. The Hollywood smile package includes hotel accommodation, panoramic x-ray assessment, all transfers and host service. The panoramic x-ray assessment can show that you propably need any other dental treatments like root canal treatment, for examle. The hotel type can also change the price of the whole package. The doctor, who does this treatment must have very good experience. Do not choose the clinics which do suit these definitions.

Modern technology is mighty to do it both aesthetically beautiful and durable.

This procedure can be done by so popular veneers and crowns. Veneers are made up from emax material, which is translucent and looks very natural. Emax is last developed and the most expensive material used in aesthetically dentistry. Crowns can be made both from emax and zirconium. Both these materials` durability and quality is same which is about 15-20 years. The difference is just that the emax cannot be used in the dental bridges. Emax can be used as a top material, but zirconium must be used as a bonding material of the teeth in the bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions about  Hollywood Smile Treatment

When can I start eating after all the procedure is finished?

You can start eating immediately after your final appointment

Does the veneers treatment includes teeth grinding(cutting)?

The dental veneers treatment includes the polishing of the frontal area of the teeth. Before the veneer will be attached to the tooth the surface of the tooth must be flat and smooth.

How many appointments are needed for all the treatment?

The number of appointments is changing depending on the patient`s teeth condition. It is better to have more appointments then you planned to have at the beginning to fix everything as to restore the Hollywood smile done before is harder then to do it for the first time.

Is this procedure painful?

No, the Hollywood smile treatment is not painful. You can perfectly combine your holidays with the Hollywood smile treatment. Istanbul is so beautiful! You will have a lot of time for see-sighting and shopping between your appointments.

Good Candidates for Hollywood Smile Treatment

  • If you want to have such a beautiful smile as Hollywood stars you are %100 good candidate for this procedure!
  • All people can have this wonderful treatment! In case if your teeth location and bite is right (the top teeth come in front of the lower teeth) you can have emax veneers treatment.
  • In case if when you close your mouth your lower teeth come in front of the upper teeth then you need to have dental crowns.
  • Dental crowns is the treatment, which all people will need to have as when we get older the quality and color of our teeth is changing. In that case you can both protect the teeth and have a very beautiful smile, which is a result of dental crowns treatment.
  • Contact us now to get your treatment plan!

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