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Teeth whitening Turkey is a process of lightening the natural colour of teeth, which leaves the tooth surface intact. While teeth whitening Turkey will not make a complete colour change, it is a very good way of lightening the existing shade of teeth, making them appear much whiter than they were before. Teeth get discolored as we grow old, especially when we often drink coffee, tea and red wine or smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes. This is a natural process, but it can be reversed with use of a special bleach.

Teeth whitening Turkey

Dentists Turkey performing teeth whitening Turkey procedure have to make sure that patient’s teeth are in good general condition and don’t require any treatment, for example dental fillings. Then a rubber dam is put over patient’s teeth, which protects the gums. A bleaching agent is then painted onto the surface of teeth, and activated with the use of special, safe laser. Its light speeds up the process of whitening so the whole teeth whitening Turkey procedure takes about an hour to finish. Dentists in Istanbul – Turkey recommend teeth whitening, because it’s very effective and can help make teeth color up to six shades lighter, which will be visible at the first sight. Contact us today to get teeth whitening Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Is teeth whitening cost expensive in Turkey?

Teeth whitening cost in Turkey is quite low compared to Western European countries such as the UK and Netherlands. Teeth whitening with FlyHealth Turkey is a great choice for affordable teeth whitening procedure. To learn the exact price and possible discounts, please contact FlyHealth now.

Is there a pain during and after teeth whitening?

Some patients may experience increase in sensitivity during and after teeth whitening procedure. However it usually lasts for a short time and returns to normal a day after. A slight pain may be controlled by painkillers.

Is it worth having teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening procedure does much more than just whitening the teeth. It boosts self-confidence thanks to a great smile achieved after the procedure. FlyHealth patients have been very happy with the results of teeth whitening Turkey.

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