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Enhance Your Beauty: 360 Body Lift & Fleur De Lis

360 Body Lift and Fleur de Lis

FlyHealth offers a variety of cosmetic procedures and one of them is fleur de lis. Our goal is to provide patients with quality cosmetic treatments in the most reliable healthcare institutions in Turkey. Melanie decided to take a 360-body lift and fleur de lis. This is a procedure to cosmetically correct the entire body and make it more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. In this article we share Melanie’s experience with FlyHealth, how she experienced the treatment and how she’s doing now.

Why did you contact FlyHealth?

I went through an extensive period of tremendous weight loss. I lost nearly 10 stone which would be the equivalent 63 kilograms! After losing such an amount of weight, it is inevitable that you’ll have a lot of excess fat and loose hanging skin. It was really a big problem because excess weight and skin like that is not something that can be dealt with naturally. It is the result of the skin stretching out to allow for the weight gain to take place, but during this period is also loses its flexibility. That’s why there’s so much skin left after someone who’s overweight loses a lot of body fat.

This bothered me and I wanted to get rid of it as it was disrupting my daily life. I contacted FlyHealth to talk about my options and possible treatments for my condition and we ended up selecting the 360-body lift and fleur de lis. This procedure would be able to remove my excess fat and restore symmetry in my body shape.

How did you experience FlyHealth?

After my initial meeting with them, it became clear that FlyHealth was a serious medical travel facilitator that really looks after their patients and goes to great length to make the stay as comfortable as possible. From the very beginning they’ve been really great and communicative, which made me feel really appreciated and welcomed. FlyHealth helped me with the communication with my surgeon and together we came to the conclusion that the best operation for me was the 360-body lift.

How was your post-surgery treatment?

The post-treatment offered by FlyHealth is something which I really appreciate as well. Obviously, undergoing cosmetic surgery isn’t just about the operation itself but also about the healing process and how they assist you in this process. They have also been very great in helping me with my recovery. The hospital was also of very high standard, which is of course a very impressive point of a medical travel facilitator. The hospital reflects the organization itself. Hence, the hospital being perfect was another indication that FlyHealth was the right fit for me. It was really clean and hygienic.

dinner at Hilton with FlyHealth representative
dinner at Hilton with FlyHealth representative

How did you experience the medical experts?

The doctors were very emphatic and supporting. Whenever I needed something, they were there for me immediately. Everyone was very quick to react to my needs and didn’t hesitate to help me out whenever I asked for it. This has really helped my recovery and recovery and has allowed me to pick up my usual life faster. All of this made me feel really welcomed and in good hands.

How are you feeling now?

After the amazing post-treatment by FlyHealth, and of course the well-executed cosmetic surgery, I feel great. Losing weight isn’t a fun process, but it’s all worth it. The amount of excess skin is something that I couldn’t deal with myself and I’m very grateful that there are organizations out there, like FlyHealth, that offer their patients such good care and treatment to rid them of their condition. The healing process has been really something special and also went surprisingly quickly, partially due to everyone being some thoughtful and helping. Really, whenever I needed something they were always there for me and I feel that this has really boosted my recovery.

I’m doing great now and have no trouble whatsoever. I feel good again in my own body and am happy with my decision. There’s no doubt that I will be booking something else real soon with FlyHealth again, which will be the second stage of my surgery. This in all likelihood will be happening next year. I’ll see FlyHealth again as my experience with them has been nothing but great!

What can FlyHealth do for you?

Interested in what FlyHealth can do for you? We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that can help you love your body again and are able to offer it for affordable prices. If you’re curious to what we offer, please see our treatments. Pictures speak a thousand words, so please also consult our before-and-after page to see some of our clients’ amazing results at FlyHealth. Get free consultation to find out what the best option is for your goals. We’d love to welcome you soon!

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