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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Review at FlyHealth

FlyHealth offers various cosmetic procedures. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients from all over the world with reliable cosmetic treatments in the most prestigious healthcare institutions in Turkey. Asly, a patient at FlyHealth, contacted us regarding a revision operation. This means that the procedure is extra tricky, as the surgeon has to correct previously made mistakes. Asly decided to undergo a procedure called ethnic rhinoplasty. In this article we share Asly’s experience with FlyHealth.

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Before we delve into the experiences of one of FlyHealth’s patients that chose to have this procedure done on herself, let’s first define what it actually means and entails. An ethnic rhinoplasty is a term used to describe rhinoplasty (also known as nose jobs) which is typically performed on non-Caucasian individuals. A current trend in the world of cosmetic surgery is improving physical features whilst maintaining the ethnic look. The performance is usually chosen for by person of color and is used to reshape the nose to make it more symmetrical, whilst preserving the ethnicity.

What was your first experience with FlyHealth?

Asly’s first experience with FlyHealth wasn’t actually for herself, but for her mother. She had done her own research to investigate which medical institutions were most reliable and picked the best suitable one for her. Her mother had crowns and implants placed, a procedure which can be quite tense for the patient. She experienced the procedure as rather smooth and the minimum amount of swelling occurred, which all hints to a surgery well done.

How did you find ethnic rhinoplasty at FlyHealth?

Asly’s own surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty, went smooth according to the doctor. After she had some questions, the doctor seemed very professional and knowledgeable in answering all Asly’s questions. ‘My surgery was last Friday, it is now Tuesday. It was successful and I’m very happy with the result.’ Asly said. Overall, she’s very happy with the results!

What is your opinion on FlyHealth’s services?

Asly would recommend anyone that is currently interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery to consult FlyHealth and research the possibilities. She was very pleased with the entire process from the beginning to the end. The experience can be quite stressful of course. Therefore, FlyHealth works hard to make the patient’s stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. When undergoing cosmetic surgery, excess stress is of course the last thing that you want. It can cause nausea and other negative factors, and potentially limit your recovery as well.

Asly was very pleased with the guidance that she received along the way and how she was assisted wherever she needed assistance. ‘FlyHealth took it very well. They had transfers, translators and transport from all of our destinations from the hotel to the dental studio and the clinics.’ Asly said. FlyHealth also provides the patient with taxis to make the stay and journey as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. Again, the last thing we want you to experience is stress and anxiety.

Will you come to FlyHealth again?

Asly review in the video was very positive, so it is safe to assume that if she ever considers another procedure that she will consult FlyHealth to discuss the possibilities, as this experience surely has been a memorable one. Also, the experience from her mother positively affects her. She and her mother will be back in the near future, because the dental procedure from her mother is not yet finalized. Asly’s mother has had her implants positioned in her mouth correctly and is now awaiting the crowns. However, they will not come alone.

Asly has informed us that she will bring all of her friends that are also interested in cosmetic surgery because of her positive experience with FlyHealth. Of course, we’re extremely happy to hear that and with the confidence that Asly and her mother have in us. We look forward welcoming them again and also to discuss the various possibilities with their friends whom are also looking to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Take a look at her transformation!

If you’re interested in learning even more about the possibilities, FlyHealth also offers free consultation if you’re interested in our cosmetic procedures. Get free consultation and find out what your options are! Well, we’re very happy to give you all the answers and information that you need. Please check our nose job reviews and hear first-hand what people thought of rhinoplasty at FlyHealth.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty at FlyHealth

We understand that choosing a medical institution where you might undergo cosmetic surgery is extremely tough. You may have questions such as ‘what does the procedure entail?’ or ‘what did previous patients think of FlyHealth?’

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