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Tummy tuck with FlyHealth-Everything you need to know about

tummy tuck with FlyHealth
Tummy tuck with FlyHealth

It is a wish for every woman to have a flat belly

A.M is one of our patients. She has made this dream come true. For her result is more than satisfactory. She is now enjoying her flat and hourglass shape belly. She keeps advising to all her friends, relatives and just people who she is in contact with in social media to get tummy tuck with FlyHealth. So what made that lady so happy and why she trusts FlyHealth with all her heart? Let’s look through all the details of this wonderful transformation story.

Preparations for tummy tuck with FlyHealth

In order to get the best out of the tummy tuck with FlyHealth, it is advised to reach desired weight first. Amy did a great job by losing 4 stones in 7 months. She fixed her result by keeping the weight same during one year. The weight was lost but still there were few things needed to be fixed to get her goal – an hourglass shaped tiny belly. Even if the fat was burnt the sagging skin appearance was not good and also the stomach muscles were diverged after giving birth, which also increased the belly volume.

We all know that the real beauty can only be realized if you are really healthy

So to choose the right company our hero spent 6 months researching everything about the medical tourism companies and doctors. She was looking for not only good results but for a company, which will care about her health and safety.

Nothing can be such impressive as an experience of your close friends. Advertisement in health and beauty industry does not work through billboards, videos or brochures. The only good advertisement is a result of the person who you trust. That was the reason of her choice. She saw that her friends, who chose FlyHealth were very happy with all the services the company offered. Everything that only the person can need during medical trip was included in the package.  She made her decision and started preparations for her journey.

What to pack in your suitcase before tummy tuck with FlyHealth?

This is the question which almost all patients are asking before coming here. To find an answer on this question you need to know all the details of the medical trip. Firstly, it is important to have a rest before and after surgery. That will help your organism to be prepared for surgery and to recover quickly after surgery. Comfortable clothes like loose pyjama, baggy joggers, ear plugs and an eye mask and the neck pillow will be really helpful to have a rest during that time. As tummy tuck includes liposuction there will be some bruises. There are some medications like arnica tablets which dissolve the bruises and make the recovery process easier. Also during few days after surgery you will not be allowed to take a shower. In that case some dry shampoo, sanitizers and wet wipes will be very helpful.

on the day of the surgery
on the day of the surgery

Surgery Preparations

In the morning before surgery she had  a blood test and consultation with an anesthesiologist and surgeon. Surgeon showed which parts of skin will be removed and where the liposuction will be done. And the transformation began!

3 weeks after tummy tuck turkey
3 weeks after tummy tuck turkey

First three weeks after the surgery

During the first 3 weeks after surgery she tried to wear her bandage almost always. She tried to walk as much as it possible, which is very important after surgery.

6 weeks after tummy tuck turkey
6 weeks after tummy tuck turkey

Six weeks after surgery

Our hero kept wearing bandage until the sixth week. She always tried to not eat healthy food and decreased the size of her portion as doctor has recommended.

9 weeks post op
9 weeks post op

Nine weeks after surgery

Nine weeks passed and most of the swelling has gone however still there were some liquid inside. She started having a lymphatic drainage massage.

11 weeks post op
11 weeks post op

Eleven weeks after surgery

A.M also starting exercising slightly avoiding exercises for abdomen. She did some cardio, which helped her recovery process. On that picture we can see that swelling is almost gone and the healing process was perfect.

18 weeks post op
18 weeks post op

Eighteen weeks after surgery

After eighteen weeks we can see that her dream came true! Perfectly flat stomach and thin belly! the result of her right choice of company and following the recommendations!

To learn more about tummy tuck turkey surgery and recovery process, contact one of cosmetic surgery experts today.

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