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Eyelid Surgery Review by Suzan, from Germany – Testimonial

Suzan, from Germany

Eyelid Surgery

“I now look five years younger”

“I have been working at the office, in front of a computer for over 10 years (I’m 35 now) and you could really see it on my face… My eyes have been tired all the time and unfortunately I developed enormous eye bags that were bluish and looked as if I had some kind of serious condition, when in fact the problem was just my work. Other than that I look quite good and fit so I decided to do something with those eye bags and I chose surgery after trying many different creams.

Before surgery I called them many times and sent some emails so I was prepared when I arrived. The procedure didn’t take long, about 40 minutes I think and doctor and nurses were very kind to me. They gave me many advice afterwards, a complete list of do’s and don’ts and called me later as well to see if I was satisfied with result. I’m very much in love with my new eyes, now I look about 5 years younger than I used to.”

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