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Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face – Popular Cosmetic Procedure “Facelift” – What to expect after my surgery? Am I good candidate? 

Research indicates that facelift was the most common surgical procedure for people aged 65 and over. (ASAPS 2013 Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery). Imagine how beautiful you will look by turning the clock fifteen to twenty years back. Ready to be pleased with your own improved look?

Like with any other surgical procedure however, doing research and setting realistic expectations is essential in order to be happy with the results of your facelift. It is important not to have any unreasonable expectations regarding the results you can achieve.

Are you a good candidate? 

Facelift is a major plastic surgery and the results of the surgery last many years. Just like any other surgery, your surgeon will assess your medical condition to see whether you are suitable for the treatment. You need to mention everything about your pre-existing medical conditions.

Amongst others, your surgeon will consider the following points:

Smoking habits: Heavy smoking increases healing time. You may be advised to stop smoking several days before your surgery and not start again right after your surgery.

Blood pressure: Your surgeon will check if you have blood pressure problems.

Your current medications: Medications you are using might have an interaction with anesthesia. You will probably also be told to avoid aspirin for a week or so before your facelift as well.

A tendency to scar: Your past problems regarding scarring will be assessed.

After your medical condition is assessed and found suitable to undergo surgery, you can plan your arrival and departure. You need to plan in sufficient time to heal before you travel back.

Bring some front-opening shirts or blouses to wear both during and after the surgery. It is good to travel with a companion but even if you do not have this opportunity, your host will accompany you during your hospital appointments.

The surgery will give you a more youthful appearance that you will enjoy for many years. It is however important to realize that the surgery does not stop the ageing process. Your face will continue to age with time and you may want to repeat the procedure.

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