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Facelift, neck lift and earlobe correction in Turkey

Facelift, neck lift and earlobe correction

Facelift, neck lift and earlobe correction in Turkey

Karin has thought a long way about having facelift, neck lift and earlobe reduction. Through Internet research FlyHealth has came up and life changing communication started.

Facelift and surgery markings:

A facelift is a surgical method that removes excess facial skin to make the face appear younger. During her in person consultation doctor draw surgery lines on her face.

Karin was 56 when she made an appointment with FlyHealth. “ The first thing that was bothering me was my earlobe, my skin was sagging. Then I started to see my neck and then my face.” The society where I live in does not seem to give much importance to aging but from deep inside everybody wants to look young, I know.” She added.

Our doctor performed a facelift, neck lift, and earlobe reduction on her. She has been very happy with the results although she prefers to stay anonymous, she was still happy to share her experience with everyone else.

Doctor, nurses and all the healthcare staff were amazing. They could not do enough, she said. Shopping tours, comfortable hotel and all the convenience made her trip a memorable one.

Living a life of satisfaction and self-esteem is liberating and gratifying. The benefits are well known. However, it’s essential to be informed about what the surgery entails and what to do during the aftercare period.

To learn more about facelift Turkeycontact FlyHealth today.

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