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After Care : Facelift, Neck Lift and Nose Surgery Review by anonymous from UK – Testimonial

We met our patient G.M after his nose surgery, neck – and facelift, in our London office. He told us about his experience with us and how he came to know about us.

G.M came to us with a sad story. He has had a previous nose-surgery but unfortunately it wasn’t very successful. What would have been a solution to his problem resulted in an even bigger issue. He was left with an unsatisfying result and a disbelief in any type of plastic surgery; however, he did want to get the damage restored and started searching for a clinic that is reliable and books satisfying results… Read more and watch the video.

What is Nose Surgery (Nose Job)?

Nose surgery, colloquially called nose job, is an aesthetic operation applied to those who are not happy with the appearance of their nose or who have health problems related to their nose.

FlyHealth has a highly experienced team in this type of operations successfully carried out in Turkey.

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Bonus: with the nose job simulator you can examine the results of operations similar to your nose.

What is Face Lift?

Face lift is the general name given to neck lift and eyelid lift operations. The aim of the operation is to have a more aesthetic and youthful appearance of the face.

Turkey is a very popular and successful country in such operations. In addition, it should be noted that these operations in Turkey are carried out at more affordable prices than in Europe.

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What is Neck Lift?

With aging, stretching and sagging may occur in the neck area. Skin laxity and sagging can often be seen under the chin and other parts of the neck.

FlyHealth works with an expert team to provide the aesthetic look you want in your neck area. Our doctors offer you a neck lift plan accordingly.

Our only goal is to be 100% successful in neck lift, as in other operations, and to make you happy. Contact us now to meet our specialist doctors in the best hospitals of Istanbul.

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Why Turkey in Aesthetic Surgery?

Turkey is a highly developed country in terms of health. In the country, which has a large number of specialist and experienced doctors, operations are carried out in the best hospitals. Turkey is highly preferred especially in aesthetic operations.

Why FlyHealth?

FlyHealth offers you an all-inclusive package for all operations. All procedures are performed only with FlyHealth without any additional action. Transfers, hotel accommodation, hospital procedures and controls are all prepared by a professional team on your behalf.

Would you like to view the before and after of some of the operations we have performed so far?

Do you want to have a younger and more beautiful appearance? Then you can meet the professional team of FlyHealth. By contacting FlyHealth, you can find out all your questions about the operation, travel and Istanbul. Contact us now.

Haven’t You Seen Istanbul Yet?

Then you should know that you are about to see a great city with your operation. Depending on the type of operation, you can enjoy Istanbul before or after the operation.

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