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Facial Hair Transplant Turkey on the Rise

When most people think of hair loss, they only think of a particular type scalp hair loss. However facial hair and eyebrows can also be claimed by hair loss.

Facial hair growth is most commonly regarded as a sign of masculinity and male maturity. Nonetheless some men are genetically lacking facial hair and are not able to grow a beard, sideburns or mustache or have only thinning facial hair.

In other cases traumas may have caused scarring in the facial hair area that prevented hair from growing in the facial region. A facial hair transplant could be a viable option for men with these conditions. Hair transplantation can be used to create mustaches and sideburns and beards of desired shape and density.

There are a handful of factors that affect facial hair loss and eyebrows, including genetic predisposition, burns, or surgery. While a facial hair transplant naturally refers to beard, mustache, goatee, and sideburns, it also applied to hair loss of the eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

Facial hair restoration is also common for the upper lip and chin area, where men grow mustaches and goatees. It can also be performed on beards, sideburns and eyebrows. Trends come and go but the need to grow facial hair will always exist. And men today have the option to grow facial hair if they choose to.

Facial hair transplant Turkey procedure

Hair transplant Turkey clinics are on the forefront of facial hair restoration and body hair transplants and can give you back full moustache, sideburns or beard.

Facial hair transplant Turkey is carried out in a single session; and within a few days the transplanted area will give the appearance of a five o’clock shadow. On the transplanted area is healed, the hair will continue to grow and can be cut, trimmed or shaved just as any other facial hair. A beard scar or mustache can be filled in with hair transplantation. Facial hair restoration has proved to be highly successful with minimal risk and downtime. It’s performed under local anesthetic and is completed in a single session.

The monumental feature of all the transplanted procedures is that they are permanent. However choosing an experienced surgeon for successful facial hair transplant, she/he will be able to advise you the right aftercare protocol after the procedure.

Types of facial hair transplants in Turkey

Bushy beard transplants beacon many facial hair-challenged men seeking to restore a full facial hair and a thick beard appearance. However these men have varying needs when it comes to facial hair restoration: some men seek to restore fullness in the mustache area; others look to accentuate the beard look and to increase fullness and highlight a bushy hipster look.

Below are the most common facial hair transplants performed by hair restoration experts in Turkey:

Goatee and beard transplant Turkey

Follicular unit extraction Turkey technique has made beard and mustache restoration viable.

Men with naturally diffused or light beards who desire better dense coverage, or those whose beards have been damaged by accident or disease can have follicular unit grafts placed in the area. Beard transplant Turkey is performed via the follicular unit extraction method. Using hair from the donor area, which is located at the back of the head, individual hairs are placed to fill in the desired area.

This has been successful in creating more density for balding scalp hair. It is the process of moving healthy hair follicles from the head or the body and implanting this unto the patchy areas of the beard.

The end result is more uniform looking facial hair that is free from obvious spots or diffuse hair. It’s very common for men to grow patchy beards. Facial transplant surgery can easily fill in the blank spots of your beard and help you achieve the full-bearded.

Mustache transplant Turkey

Mustaches have made quite a comeback in recent years. Mustache transplant in Turkey can also be used to camouflage potential scarring as a result of cleft palate corrective surgery. The procedure can be carried out to minimize the effect of scarring by extracting portions of the effected tissue and attaching the hairs in the region to help make the existing damage less noticeable.

Eyebrows transplant Turkey

Eyebrows provide definition and expression for your face. Whether absent as a result of injury, plucking, or genetics, the effects of missing brows can be emotionally devastating no matter what your gender. While many get by with the eyebrow pencil or tattooing, it is possible to transplant your own hair to create natural eyebrows of your own.

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that transplants hair from the head to the brow area. The brow is carefully designed by our hair transplant surgeons to meet your need and desire, carefully considering density, hair angle and hair direction.

Sideburns transplant

A sideburn transplant is a surgical procedure that restores hair to the sides of your face where growth may be thin, patchy, or missing altogether. It can also be performed to conceal acne scars, or other types of scarring. Sideburns have been a popular type of facial hair since the days of Elvis in the seventies. Whether you want standalone sideburns or sideburns that connect to your beard, sideburns transplant can help.

Facial hair transplant recovery

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia with an oral sedative, depending on the patient’s choice. Lasting 2 to 5 hours, it is virtually painless, as is the recovery period. For the first 5 days after the procedure, tiny crusts are around each transplanted hair, and the transplanted area must be kept absolutely dry.

By the second day, patients are able to travel home and resume non strenuous activities, however the face will look like something was done for at least the first 3 to 4 days. Sutures that are placed in the donor area are dissolvable so there is no need to return to the clinic for removal.

The transplanted hairs fall out at around 2 weeks, then start to regrow at 3 months, where they will continue to grow for a lifetime.

For more information on facial hair transplants or eyebrows transplant, contact us today for a free price quote.

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