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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

What is fat transfer breast augmentation

As understood from its name, fat transfer breast augmentation consists of taking fat from one part of the body and injection into the breasts. It sounds like great option for someone who does not like the fat in her body except in the breasts. Fat transfer breast augmentation certainly makes your breasts look more fuller, symmetrical and more attractive. Fat transfer breast augmentation is also called: “lipo filling, fat grafting or fat tissue”

Fat transfer breast augmentation how long does it last?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is permanent. However fat might dissolve in our bodies and some of the injected fat might disappear after 6 months. Having that said, the fat that remained after a year will be there for a lifetime in your breast. You can also have more than one session of the surgery. It is totally safe and possible.

What’s is the down time of fat transfer breast augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is quite straightforward procedure. It involves extracting fat, preparing for injection and injecting to the breast. After the surgery you stay one night in the hospital and following 4 nights in the hotel before you finally come for your check up. You are also required to dress special bra after the surgery.

What’s the cost of fat transfer breast augmentation?

The cost of the fat transfer breast augmentation will depend on the areas of fat to be taken out. If you have one area for fat extraction it will probably cost less than when you have two, three areas for fat extraction. The other factor that determines the cost is the hospital and surgeon fees. These fee’s are around the half less in Istanbul. Therefore you would pay at least half of the price what you would pay in your own country. Also, it will be less costly than breast implants. Breast implants surgery carries cost of implants. Implants costs are higher as we only use FDA approved implants for the breast augmentation surgeries. Using of materials increases the cost of the surgery.

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation?

Coming with so many advantages and being less invasive surgery, one can wish for fat transfer breast augmentation surgery very easily. However not everyone is a good candidate for the surgery. You need to have enough fat deposits in your body. Also preferably you should not have sagging breasts because this surgery will not address sagging skin problem. If you have sagging breasts, you might also think of adding breast lift to your surgery plan. By doing so your surgery results will be more satisfactory.

How can I get a consultation?

If you want to know if you are a good candidate or not please contact us now via email, WhatsApp or live chat. Our consultants are more than happy to help you with your questions and determine if fat transfer breast augmentation would make you happy or not. We only schedule surgeries if they are also recommended by our medical team.

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