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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 1: Power of Full Beard

R.A from Manchester stated looking around for finding suitable healthcare provider for facial hair transplant in Turkey… OK its not an easy decision to travel abroad for a surgery but, let’s admit; there are certain characteristics that makes a man a real man and they are easy to spot from a distance – powerful, courage, strength, reliability, charisma, being self-assured (to name a few) and, of course, a full beard.

It has been an early morning to arrive in Istanbul at 5.40 a.m. for R.A, luckily FlyHealth pick up was on time and waiting for him. Airport pick up drives direct to hospital for a full Turkish breakfast. Traditional Turkish breakfast is a power source before the surgery full with different types of jam, fresh bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and boiled eggs.

Although it is never fully possible to be ready for 8 hour surgery, big boost of the breakfast carries him through the day. Beards, by themselves, carry the ability to speak for themselves and lay testament to the power, status, wisdom and style of the man that carries it.

Starting with local anesthesia,followed by graft extraction and transplantation whole treatment took 8 hours to complete, check up the next day and flight direct back to Manchester.

Are you ready for fast boost by FlyHealth and get the power of full beard?

Do not wait to contact us.

Watch the full story

Gone in 60 Seconds! Arrived 05:40 in the morning, had the procedure the same day, and gone back to Manchester after having had the check up. R.A expressed his satisfaction from FlyHealth services and thanked whole team for hard work!

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