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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 2 : Talking Tom Gold Run

Being a single mum is hard enough to survive each day with a child around while taking care of your own life, let alone travelling to Istanbul for nose surgery. Nevertheless, despite of the fact that being a single mum H.A from Sweden mum of a 5 year old energetic, lovely and a cute girl had a first contact with us in 2015, the reason was clear; She was not happy about the tip of her nose. The main concern was her tip, it was actually falling down when she was smiling and it was too big and sharp. She wanted it reduced. Another problem she had was the shape of her profile and the size of her nose. She has sent us a few different pictures of she would like her nose to look more like and to give us an idea..

Nose job with FlyHealth is one of the best works you would get.Physical alternation in nose surgery can accomplish Remove bump or hook on the bridge of the nose, Reduce size of tip or nostrils, Straighten cartilage, Reduce the overall nose size, Improve tip or angle of the nose, Functional correction can correct breathing difficulties. After having her personalised treatment plan offer, H.A could not wait but to book her surgery as soon as possible.. But we had a little problem on the way, a little cute girl to be taken care of.

FlyHealth exclusive services arranged baby sitting in Turkey, for the mother to have bit more relaxed time and actually to be able plan her trip. Mother and the daughter arrived summer 2016 during warm Istanbul summer.

As soon as they arrived, little girl took attention of everyone at FlyHealth’s team. She was lovely and she felt very comfortable with her care taker while her mother was not around. They got so well together that, she thought the lady to play “Talkin Tom Gold Run” on her Ipad, this child game is now the favorite game of the care taker lady.

We can definietly work on your individual requirements and needs, Plastic surgery Turkey experts’ unique techniques allowed them to consistently achieve satisfactory results for their patients time and time again.

To learn more about nose job Turkey, contact our plastic surgeons today.

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Hannah from Sweden says;

“This is the best company you can get! Professional and very good price for the Rhinoplasty. They follow you up and help you cause they really care about you getting satisfied with the results. They deliver the best service. Feels like you at home!”

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