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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 5: A Lifelong Ordeal Ended by a Cheap Nose Surgery Istanbul Solution

The human nose contributes to a greater percentage of human’s facial attractions and general aesthetics. And it can be amazing how people far people can go to have their ‘perfect’ nose shapes as preferred. Rhinoplasty also popularly known as nose job, is one of the most sought surgeries used to change the shape of the nose.

I’ve seen various people expressing discomfort with their nose shapes and tried lots of DIY tips to have a “superb” nose shape. But I was particularly moved by N.A’s dedication to getting what she has ever wanted all her life – a perfectly shaped nose. She has crossed miles to seek nose surgery Turkey after coming across the Flyhealth website online. N.A is a music and art student at a university in London. She really wanted to be a great music artist someday, and her spirit was certainly inspiring. She had now achieved everything she ever wanted to be but she felt that one thing was really getting into her path of success so she set on a journey to find a solution to it.

Considering that N.A was merely a student, her finances were just to the level of any other typical student. She had waited till when she attained 24 years of age so she could afford this surgery.

She wanted a solution that wasn’t going to drain her kitty. She wanted a cheap surgery. Something that could get her an amazing nose at her budget. Surprisingly, Flyhealth already had a cheap nose surgery in offer. So she set off from London to Istanbul in Turkey where she could get the nose job done. Her journey wasn’t the type of a walk in the park. N.A narrates that she couldn’t hide her joy and looked forward to the day of her travel. Despite having booked her flight early enough, she was faced with all sorts of challenges that seemed like a premonition for a tough journey ahead of her.

At first, the weather in London wasn’t conducive for a plane to take off. It was all foggy so the flight had to be cancelled and postponed to three days later. Back in her room, looking herself on the wall mirror, with her life dream in her mind, she couldn’t see this great opportunity slip out of her hands. She had to forge ahead. the flight to Istanbul was to be held on Friday, so three days had passed while she still couldn’t leave her room, bearing in mind that she didn’t wanted her college mates to know about her where about. She wanted it to be a surprise.

On the day of travel, the departure from London was quite successful. But on arrival in Istanbul, she was met with another terrible experience – a cold weather. The temperature was nearly below zero and her hands were frozen to death. But bearing in mind the great miles she had covered to Turkey, it was a great milestone for her to achieving that pretty nose if her dreams with just a nose surgery Istanbul solution.

On arrival, her host Ozge Kaymak met her at the airport. Kaymak enlightened her further about the details of the surgery to ensure that she was doing it for good reasons. N.A had her nose surgery done successfully by Dr. Eda Isil and it’s been a week since then. She’s pairing on pretty well and now she’s ready to face her dreams with more courage and passion like never before.

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