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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 6: Nose surgery, Facelift and Necklift in one go


We met our patient G.M after his nose surgery, neck- and facelift, in our London office. He told us about his experience with us and how he came to know about us.

G.M came to us with a sad story. He has had a previous nose-surgery but unfortunately it wasn’t very successful. What would have been a solution to his problem resulted in an even bigger issue. He was left with an unsatisfying result and a disbelief in any type of plastic surgery; however, he did want to get the damage restored and started searching a clinic that is reliable and books satisfying results.

Finding FlyHealth

He tells us that he literally Googled a clinic as he was feeling like a victim and didn’t want any type of experience like before anymore. He wanted to see who was recommended. He came across a walk-in clinic where he got the information and the first introduction of FlyHealth. They gave him FlyHealth’s address in London and thus he went there to get some more details and information. In the London office, he was recommended to get a neck-lift along with the facelift and nose surgery. They also told him that the surgery itself would take place in Istanbul, Turkey. From there it went further towards a better and better experience.

Experience of Istanbul, Turkey

As per G.M, his experience of coming to Turkey was fine. During our talk he says that the traffic and driving was a little hectic but laughs it away and says “of course, it is afterall Turkey and not England anymore”. He goes further with praising the pickup from the airport, the hotel which was to his expectations, the friendliness of the staff and the hotel.


We asked him the crucial question “What you thought about the pricing?” Since this is a major decision point for most people. G.M told us that the pricing was good. It is cheaper than in England but the quality is much better than what he got in England. Though, he wasn’t concerned about the price in general. He wanted to get a good result and a little bit of a vacation attached to it, so getting the surgery done in Turkey was two for the price of one. Both surgery and his little vacation were successful. Everything went straightforward from beginning till end.

Pain and Discomfort

As it is a surgery after all, there can occur discomfort and pain. It is a very important question to ask and thus we asked G.M how he felt after the surgery and if there was any unbearable discomfort or pain during his recovery.

He tells us that he knew what would be coming as he went through a nose surgery before; however, it was very good. He confirms us that there was no unbearable discomfort nor pain. At least no real pain, “I didn’t even have to take any type of pain medication. I did get some cream for the scars but this only so that the scars would reduce and thus become less visible.”


The last but not least important question we asked whether he would recommend FlyHealth for the surgeries he went through, nose surgery and facelift. He confirmed with a vast “Yes, absolutely”. After his previous experience this experience was super. The staff was friendly, the guidance was great and of course the result was also successful.

The trip back home went also smooth “Though I had to practice some new parental skills”, G.M says while laughing, “All went quite well and the things that didn’t went smooth was not the fault of FlyHealth but my planning that was wrong.” (laughs).

We first met G.M insecure and helpless but when we met him again in our office in London he was looking confident again and pleased with his new appearance.

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