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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 7: Dream of many years – Elegant Nose is what I see on the mirror now

Many people are not satisfied with the way they look or they have a past of bullying and have no self-confidence anymore or a medical issue prevents them from having a quality full life. Plastic surgery can be the solution. One of our patients, Aurora, told us her experience regarding our Nose Surgery.

Aurora was with us in the office after her nose surgery and told us about her experience throughout the treatment, from searching a reliable clinic to her departure.

How you found out about FlyHealth?

Some people get referred by one of our previous patients and others do a self research on the internet. That is exactly how it went for Aurora. She was told that she might be interested in getting a nose job done so she started doing some research and search for a reliable clinic. That is how she came on FlyHealth. She, thoroughly, went trough all the reviews of our previous patients, searched other reviews on the internet and took a look at all the services FlyHealth has to offer. The reviews were above her expectations thus she decided to get an appointment to get to know some more information about the nose surgery. She got in contact with Özge, whom explained her the process. Aurora felt comfortable with the information Özge had given her so she decided to get up for it.

Where there any concerns?

As it is not about some vacation trip but about a surgery in a different country, it is normal to have some concerns. After all the surgery would be taking place in a foreign country. Aurora tells us that she indeed had some concerns. After booking her treatment and getting her flight details she thought “Oh no, what will happen? Will they do a good job?”. However, those concerns started fading from the very beginning as FlyHealth kept in contact with her the whole time so that she could feel comfortable. She got a full explanation of how the process would be going and everything she could expect before and after the surgery. Though that made her less stressful, when she arrived in Turkey she was still worried.

How was the clinic and the first consultation?

Sometimes patients have a very high expectation of a clinic and get disappointed when entering it. Doubts arise which can result in the patient having doubts. That was not the case for Aurora, FlyHealth puts a large importance in how the clinic looks and how all staff members act, and this was up to Aurora’s expectations. She tells us that her first consultation went great. She got proper information and was able to ask any question to the surgeon when she had a doubt. The surgeon confirmed her that whenever she had a question she could ask it.


The day after her consultation, Aurora would be getting the surgery done. She was worried, not because she doubted the surgeon, but because she had never done any type of plastic surgery before. It was more of nervous. However, the nurses comforted her and she relaxed. When she woke up after the surgery she and saw the result, she was happy as she could see that they had done a rather good job.


A surgery remains “cutting in to skin” and can cause from minor to major discomforts. To prevent any type of discomfort, the doctor already made a package of medication for Aurora. She got antibiotics to prevent an infection, painkillers, a spray to clear out the nostrils and a cream to prevent bruising and to smoothen the scar tissue.


The last and final question we asked Aurora before she was heading back to England, was if she’d recommend FlyHealth to others. A resolute “I would definitely recommend FlyHealth” was the best confirmation a health clinic could get.

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