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FlyHealth weight loss surgeries – Change your habits, Protect this new body

FlyHealth weight loss surgeries – Change your habits. Protect this new body.

It has been a challenge to take the big step of travelling to Turkey, having obesity surgery and now first 5 days are over. Over patient is together with the surgeon during the final check up for evaluation.

Our patient said, ”First day it was hard everyday is getting better. I have a little bit of pain”

Doctor is asking; “How is your hunger feeling?”

“I do not feel hungry, yogurt or soup are enough for me now” patient claimed.

Doctor asked again; “If you compare with before and after the surgery how is the feeling of hunger different?”

“Before the surgery I was always hungry and now, not anymore. Before the surgery I used to like carbohydrates. Now I don’t want to eat carbohydrates.” Our patient claimed.

Our doctor confirmed that she had a surgery, which is different from sleeve and bypass, combination of sleeve and bypass. For this reason she does not feel “ dumping syndrome” in the future she does not need vitamin supplements like in sleeve.

3 weeks is important:

Doctor continued with his advises about the food. It is recommended not to drink solid food.  It can damage the suture, take only liquids. After the third week; one-week usage of cooked foods is important. After the 1-month eat everything without carbonhaydrhates. If you eat them you feel pain. He added.

Doctor is saying that, she has a new system now and advised to use this new system. “ If you use your new system you do not feel anything, you will reach your normal weights without any help.“

The most important thing is; “You have to change your life style. This surgery could not protect you your whole life. You have to change your habits. Protect this new body.”

Additionally doctor explained about medication: “We gave you stomach protectors, the stomach protectors you stop 1 month later. We gave you antibiotics. You don’t need to take paracetemol. ”

Finally; “If there is any concern please contact FlyHealth. When you reach your normal weight maybe we increase size of food. You can take bath, you can swim, and you can carry whatever you like. You can fly safely. ”

Final words from the patient:

Our patient ended the consultation with a few nice words and her thoughts on FlyHealth services.

I’m Monique Borst, all my life I’m on a diet, and it does not work. I had a super sleeve; combination of sleeve and bypass. The process before I came was good, they were available 24 hrs. I was nervous but they solved the problem and they were clear.

Hotel, hospital everything is lux. Doctor is a nice and hard working doctor. His English is good. I did not see much of Turkey because I was bit tired, but I come back.

I recommend FlyHealth to family and friends. They guide you to whole way through.

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