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Full tummy tuck and breast lift with Flyhealth in Turkey (Review)

Full tummy tuck and breast lift

I recently had a full tummy tuck and breast lift with Flyhealth in Turkey. I had looked into many different companies for a good 6-8 months prior to treatment. And found Flyhealth a really good company. Helping me to choose the correct surgery for me. Answering my many concerns and questions all very very quickly. The communication from Flyhealth before surgery was great. Via email WhatsApp, Skype all fab fast and efficient. Flyhealth offered a great value package including transfers, hotel price and surgery price leaving me less to worry about which was great.

A few days before my surgery I received a message from a Flyhealth advisor checking in on me if I was ok and ready for my trip. Reconfirming what would happen when I landed and reconfirming my schedule. All putting my mind at ease.

Arrival to Turkey

When arriving to Turkey in the morning before surgery I was greeted by a Flyhealth assistant Ozzy who was excellent. He took us to the hospital, translated and also arranged to come and collect us after surgery. Ozzy couldn’t do enough for us. He was so so helpful. He advised us to get in touch if we needed any translations. Any local information or any support needed in general.

The surgery was an 8hr operation. Our private hospital room was like a huge hotel room very private and clean. More than comfortable for my mum to stay over to help me for my 2 days in hospital. During the hospital stay the doctors and nurses were great. Really helpful and caring and encouraging. There was a slight language barrier at times however there was always at least one nurse around for English.The nurses that didn’t have great English all used translating apps on phones which was also really helpful. The hotel that Flyhealth arranged for us was clean and close by to the hospital all really good value for money.

My stay in Istanbul after the full tummy tuck and breast lift

I stayed in Turkey for 8 days and in around day 4/5 when I was a bit more on my feet. We decided we wanted to visit some shopping places to take it easy but keep moving. Ozzy recommended 2 great shopping malls for one day. A lovely restaurant another day and a shopping street another day. All great locations and also taking into account my abilities after surgery.

The whole experience of surgery is completely life changing for my personal reasons. Flyhealth could not have done a better job. Top service, great communication, great support all really tailoring to my needs and all at great value. I particularly valued the personal assistants from Flyhealth knowing that they are only a text or call away. This is so reassuring and Ozzy was absolutely fab. Great service would highly recommend. Jemma, UK


According to the needs of the person, breast lift and tummy tuck can be performed simultaneously with a single operation. A breast and tummy deformities can be corrected with surgical techniques. Breast lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, or fat removal aesthetics can be combined together. Apart from this, facelift, eyelid, and eyebrow lift or forehead lift operations can be performed in the same operation. Furthermore, nose and chin aesthetic procedures might be combined. Along with rhinoplasty, lip, chin, cheekbone augmentation can also be performed according to the need.

Combined aesthetic operations combine healing processes. The individual does not need to go through two separate procedures and recuperation processes. In short, it primarily saves time. In addition, the aesthetic operations performed to complement each other. Breast and tummy tuck operations provide a more effective result by making the person’s body look more aesthetic at once. Breast augmentation surgery alone may not provide the desired result for people who need a tummy tuck or fat removal. Combined aesthetic operations help both the surgery and the healing process and to achieve a more aesthetic result.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is one of the therapeutic options that have begun to be used as a result of medical advances in recent years for persons who have extra fat, skin excess, sagging, and similar problems in the abdomen for a variety of causes. Although it can be seen in both genders, looseness and sagging in the abdominal region, which is frequently seen especially in women and in the post-pregnancy period, can be stretched and given a smooth appearance with the help of a simple operation applied with aesthetic surgery methods. In this way, the sagging skin appearance is eliminated, excess fat is removed and the abdominal region is flattened, especially the cracks in the part below the belly button are eliminated. More details about tummy tuck.

Breast Lift

The loss of the old appearance of the breast occurs at different times in everyone. People with large breasts experience sagging at an earlier age. In addition, the use of an incorrect bra causes the breast to lose its vitality prematurely. Under normal conditions, the nipple should be above the breast fold line, while in sagging breasts, the nipple is at the fold level. In advanced cases, the nipple is under the breast fold.

Thanks to the breast lift surgery performed to restore the sagging breasts to an upright appearance, the nipples of the person are moved to the position they should be, the breast tissue is shaped and the excess skin is removed from the area. In case the breasts are too large, the excess breast tissue in the area is removed, while silicone prosthesis is applied to people with small breast structures. See more about breast lift.

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