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Gastric Bypass Istanbul

Our UK patient L.D. had gastric band already, she applied for band removal and gastric bypass surgery in Istanbul

Our patient from UK was 101kg, 165cm and at the age of 50 when she applied for the gastric operations in Turkey.  She has already had gastric band applied in her stomach. However, she was not able to get to her desired weight the help of band.

Laparoscopic-adjustable gastric band fails

Adjustable gastric bands are widely used because of low morbidity rate, and therefore perceived as less invasive surgery but their long-term results are poor, they lead to revision surgery such as our patient L.D in this video. The Lap band, is placed around the stomach to achieve weight lossThe purpose is to slow down and limit how much food you can eat at any given time.

The advantages of conversion to Gastric Bypass

Due to the high costs of surgery in England, L.D. was looking to get lap band removal and gastric bypass surgery abroad, she came across FlyHealth. She was admitted for a surgery in our partner clinic and now L.D is very happy with all the process that went with FlyHealth.  A few of the benefits she is told to expect after the surgery are:

Loss of hunger feeling

Patients feel less hungry after gastric bypass and many patients lose their hunger sensation.

Finally loosing weight

In the long term, she expects to have much greater weight loss with gastric bypass than with Lap band.

Less risk of revision

While more than half of Lap Band Surgery patients need to have their gastric band removed at some time point, gastric bypass surgery patients do not need revision at so high percentage.

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