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Gastric Bypass in Istanbul – Turkey

Obesity epidemic is one of the most dangerous quickly spreading illness. A lot of serious diseases like cardiovascular and metabolic diseases appear because of excess weight. Backbone load becomes too high, which leads to several negative anatomical changes.

Not attractive physical appearance caused by it also injures self-esteem. It is very hard to find good beautiful clothes when your size is very big. It is very hard to lose weight when you just have 5-10 excess kilos but in case if you have metabolic illness such as diabetes it is almost impossible as the weight gain depends on insulin. when hormones do not work properly all the diets and exercises will never work.

In that case the best decision will be gastric bypass turkey

This surgery will decrease the amount of stomach and the work of intestine hormones which will decrease the amount of calories emitted. The stomach will be divided on the small upper and the lower pouch. The small intestine will be connected to the new smaller stomach. There are few gastric bypass methods which were improved during the last years.

After initial assessment and detailed medical tests which will be done before surgery, doctors can determine which one will work the best for you.

These tests include ECG, blood tests, ultrasound of your intestine and inner organs, blood preassure measurement, gastroskopy and other tests you may need.

Good Candidates for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Patients, who have diabetes and whose BMI is too high will benefit from gastric bypass. In case if you have insulin resistance you will have good results after that surgery. The only weight loss decision for patients with metabolic illnesses is one of the bypass methods.

Cost of Gastric Bypass in Turkey

The cost of gastric bypass turkey package is higher then the price of gastric sleeve as the bypass surgery is more extensive. You will also need to stay in hospital longer than if you had sleeve surgery. The package price also can change according to the hospital, doctor`s qualification and the hotel you choose to stay in. . Also there is a difference in price according to the type of bypass surgery. There are 4 main bypass types which are loop bipartition, sadi-s, duodenal switch, transit bipartition, mini bypass.

In case if my BMI is not very high but I have diabetes will the gastric sleeve be enough to get a good result?

Gastric sleeve will not work for diabetes patients as it will not change the work of your hormones. If the reason for the weight gain is the wrong work of hormones the only solution will be the change of the hormones work, which the gastric sleeve does not do.

Do I need to take vitamins or any supplements after surgery?

After most bypass surgery types the patient needs to take vitamins and minerals supplements as the emission of vitamins and minerals will be less then it was before surgery.

Can I have bypass surgery again in case if had the old method bypass and it did not work for me as by the time my sugar level started increasing again and the I started gaining weight?

Yes, you can have bypass surgery again. In that it will be new more effective method such as duodenal switch, after which you will not gain weight again and the sugar level will become normal.

Recovery from Gastric Bypass Surgery

After surgery the dietician doctor will give you a diet program which you will need to follow very strictly to get the best result and avoid complications after surgery. Usually patients coming bac to normal life in 3 or 5 weeks after surgery. You will also need to do blood tests every 3 months during the first year after surgery. You need to show your blood test results to the doctor who did the surgery. The weight loss usually stops after 12-15 months after surgery. During the first months the amount of the kilos lost will be the highest and that amount will go down month by month. It is very important to eat healthy natural food and have an active lifestyle, going to gym and walking on the fresh air.

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