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Getting a nose job abroad

Nose surgery abroad

Have you wanted to get a nose surgery abroad for quite some time, but you didn’t quite make the decision yet? Maybe the price is too high, or you’re worried about the doctor’s expertise. If that is the case, you should look into getting nose surgery done abroad under our guidance.

Listen to the experience of one of our patients, Ashley. She comes from London and after doing some research online decided to become one of our patients. Istanbul is home to one of the most professional and experienced medical doctors in the world all the while being an incredibly cheap place to get your surgery done. Just listen to what Ashley has to say about nose surgery abroad.

Ashley talks about her nose surgery abroad

“Hi, my name is Ashley, I’m coming from London. I’ve been thinking about getting a nose abroad job for 2 years now, but I wasn’t sure where to go or where to get it. Because where I’m from nose jobs are very expensive and I didn’t know and didn’t feel very safe about getting nose jobs anywhere else. My friend Zack, however, got his rhinoplasty done at FlyHealth and he really liked it and he really liked the whole experience.

He was like: “It’s great, they meet you at the airport, they show you where everything is, they bring you to the appointments and they give you a translator so you’re not lost so I was like, cool!”

Research Online

I did a bunch of research online on rhinoplasty in Turkey and how safe it is and how cool it is a did a bunch of research about a company and I really liked it. It is very respectable and legitimate. I talked with them and I started talking to a girl called Feriza and she explained the entire procedure and we went through all the possibilities for what I wanted to achieve and what was possible. I was really unhurried and it was really nice. She put me in contact with a bunch of people that were gonna coordinate my travel and my hotel stay and everything that I will be doing in Turkey while I was here. That was really cool and she kept contact with me throughout the whole thing.

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Communication with FlyHealth was brilliant

She was like: “Is everything ok, do you want me to put into contact with anyone else?” That was really nice and I was less jittery about the whole thing. So, I bought my tickets to Turkey and came here. My cousin came with me just to show support. We met at the airport and we were brought straight to the hotel and the next morning we were brought to the hospital. You do al the tests in the hospital and you talk to your doctor for quite a while. It is very nice, you stay the night it’s great.

Nose surgery abroad and aftercare

Obviously you have some pain since you get major surgery, but it’s really manageable. The hospital staff is really friendly and my translator was with me the whole time to make sure that everything is fine which is also great. Then, you just kinda chill for a week. So, my cousin and I were kinda rested for the first 4 days, just so that my face doesn’t look like a balloon, haha. And then we decided to go to the city center and we saw the Hagia Sofia, we saw the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. We saw everything basically. We got to be a tourist as well as a patient in care which is great!”


Hopefully, by this time all the doubts about getting a surgery have been dispelled. Not only will we take care of the entire procedure, but we will also make sure that your time spent in Istanbul becomes and enjoyable one. You will get a translator who will be at your beck and call about anything you may be wondering and we will also organize a sightseeing tour so that you can experience being a tourist in Turkey as well. So, don’t delay and contact us!

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