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Gummy Bear Implants: A More ‘Cohesive’ Way to Augment Breasts

Like kids in a candy store rummaging for gummy bear, more and more women are seeking out a new type of breast implants. For women looking to increase the size of their breasts, traditional silicone and saline devices were the only option available to women—until recently.

Known as the gummy bear implant, it is the newest type of breast implant that have recently been approved by the FDA. However, it’s only approved for adults over 22 years of age, or women of any age who are having breast reconstruction surgery following cancer.

You are probably asking yourself if there could be breast implant filled with gummy bear candy.Because they maintain their shape even when the implant shell is broken they are referred to as gummy bear implant.

The gummy bear has been making a splash in the cosmetic surgery community due to its added advantage: it’s a silicone shell filled with silicone-gel, but its “tear-drop” shape helps maintain its stability.

The consistency of the silicone gel inside the implant is notably thicker than traditional silicone gel implants but they are thought to be less likely to break.

Imagine cutting a gummy bear candy in half—the extra cross-linking within the shell has provided it with more stability, resulting in a firmer shell that hold its form.

FDA-approved gummy bear implants now available in Turkey

Besides the gummy bear name, the term “cohesive”, or “form-stable are other name variations to describe an implant that retains its shape. Another cherry-on-top benefit of this implant is that usually textured to reduce the scarring or capsule contracture around the implant.

Gummy bear implants are characterized by a round shape and have more projection at the bottom—and are conical towards the top.

When it comes to placing the incision of gummy bear implants, the breast surgeon may require to make a longer incision in the skin. Although the FDA will continue studying this type of breast implant, they are safe and widely available to the public.

Like other implants, they may require additional surgeries in the future, and may become infected if not cared for properly.

The FDA, however, insists that the gummy bear implant is not necessarily better than the previous types of implants, just uniquely designed to fit various needs of different profile of women—those who are undergoing breast reconstruction.

The gummy bear is ideal for women who are undergoing breast reconstruction because it doesn’t require fitting around existing breast tissue.

While the difference in types of breast implants are not drastically distinct, it is something that needs to be discussed with your plastic surgeon ahead of your procedure. If you aren’t sure what type of implant is going to suit you, speak to one of our plastic surgery Turkey doctors.

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