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While male hair loss is more commonly associated with the head, hair loss on the face is as noticeable and can be the cause for embarrassment. The face is so prominent and visible, so facial hair loss can be easily noticed. Men’s inability to grow masculine facial hair— such as beard, goatee, moustache or sideburns—affect their sense of masculinity and overall confidence. Other men are unable to grow facial hair due to uncontrollable factors such as trauma, surgery or other medical causes.

If this is you, don’t fret; rest reassured that there’s a potential solution that could correct facial hair loss. Hair transplant Turkey experts can help regrow facial hair with a beard transplant surgery. Beard transplant Turkey is facial restoration surgery designed to transplant hair follicles from the scalp onto the face, creating fuller and thicker facial hair. Beard transplant can also be used to cover scars or simply to gain thicker, fuller facial hair. Beard transplant surgery is one of a variety of facial hair restoration treatments such as sideburn hair restoration, moustache hair transplant surgery and eyebrows transplantation.

Cost of beard transplant in Turkey

Many patients realize the financial benefits of traveling to Turkey hair restoration—and beard transplant patients are no exception. Turkey is one of the most affordable hair transplant destinations in the world due to the cheaper cost of living, inexpensive overhead cost, favorable exchange rate. FlyHealth offers exclusive hair transplant packages comprising of treatment cost, surgeon’s fees, transfer expenses, hotel accommodation and patient hosting. The cost of beard transplants in Turkey is highly competitive allowing patients to save up to 70 percent on their treatment.

Beard transplant procedure

Just as in a traditional hair transplant surgery, the method used for facial hair transplant in Turkey is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). During FUE Turkey surgery, individual hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) or sides of the head—depending on which is the closed match to the side of transplant—are transplanted onto the desired area of the face. You are be partially sedated and should not feel any pain during or after surgery. Beard transplant surgeries performed in Istanbul are done much like typical hair transplant onto scalp combined with the scrupulous approach of transplanting hairs onto the eyebrows. Hairs are extracted from the scalp within small follicular units—containing one or two hairs at a time. These units are then implanted into 1-2 mm long incisions along the cheek or jawbone.

Good candidates for beard transplant

Men with facial hair loss and looking to restore their facial hair and/or achieve fuller thicker beards are good candidates for beard transplant in Turkey.

Good candidates of beard transplantation are also men who lost their facial hair due to the following causes:

  • Trauma
  • Scarring from surgery
  • Radiation
  • Trichotillomania, an obsessive-compulsive disorder of hair pulling
  • The natural aging process

Recovery from beard transplant

There may be some slight scabbing for a few days and the hairs will fall out during the first three months after the surgery due to their root’s trauma of being transplanted. Although the hairs are gone, the cells and glands— which support the hair—are still firmly in place, so during the course of three months, after the hairs grow our of their restive state, the beard, goatee, or moustache will start growing normally like any non-transplanted facial hair. You will need to get one day off from your job to heal.

Results of beard transplant

Once these hairs begin to grow, it will need to be trimmed, shaved and clipped. So style your beard the way you want just as though you never had the beard transplant. Undergoing beard restoration surgery can dramatically change the appearance of your face, providing sharp lines and a full, trimmed look.

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