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Black hair transplant in Turkey 

Are you suffering from black hair loss ? Than black hair transplant can be an option for you.

Hair loss affects people of all races. And like any other race, black men may experience hair loss for the same causes. Although black men are known for their Afro-textured hair—which appears to be denser than Caucasian hair—they are reported to actually experience balding and hair thinning before the age of 30.

Since black African American hair has a unique root, and due to the curly nature of the hair, a hair transplant surgery can be more challenging to do than a hair transplant on Asian or Caucasian hair.

Challenges with African American patients

Despite these challenges, FlyHealth’s partner hair transplant specialists,  rich experience has made him the go-to hair restoration doctor because of his exceptional skills and sound record of success treating hair loss in African American patients.

Extensive background in hair restoration and scrupulous approach allow to perform Black hair transplant with ease and in efficacious, effortless manner. Harvesting of Black, curly hair from a donor site for hair transplantation requires a slightly different technique. In caucasian hair loss patients, the scalp hair generally grows straight. In individuals of African ancestry, both the follicles and hair have a degree of curve in relation to the scalp that must be accommodated in the harvest process of donor hair.

Our specialist shares his expertise on Black hair transplant :

In short, Black hair transplantation in Turkey is available to African American patients, or people of African decent, both male and females and is equally successful, as it is to any other race.

  • The Black curly hair and the roots can easily be damaged if traditional hair transplant techniques and tools are employed. Our hair restoration specialist uses a special method that places the hair grafts in “screw-in” pattern that ensures that the grafts will be healthy and will not damage the bulbs.
  • Luckily, the thick curly nature of the Black hair makes for more coverage than straight hair. This allows for less hair to be transplanted while still providing ample coverage.
  • Angle placement in hair transplant for Caucasian or Asian hair loss patients is very important; whereas angle placement for the Black curly hair is not very important. He will follow the hair’s natural angle and align the degree at different locations to ensure natural growth.
  • In a culture rich with various hairstyles, tools, conditioners, hair care products and other processes, loss of hair among people of African descent is very common.
  • People of African descent are susceptible, as other races, to the genetic hair thinning factor, known as androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness.
  • The redness of post operation is usually not noticeable in Black hair loss patients. If any redness occurs, it would subside faster than skin that is pale white.
  • Specialists use Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique when treating Black hair loss patients, as it’s one of the most successful hair transplant methods and known for its natural results.

We welcome you to learn more about our partner specialist’s approach to patient care and his accomplishments in advancing and improving hair restoration field.

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