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Are you suffering from head hair loss but been rejected by clinics and written off as a hopeless situation? Or, you want to get a hair transplant but cannot be sure whether your scalp is a potential donor location.

Don’t take “no” for an answer. Hair loss patients with limited donor area rejoice you still have a chance to restore your head hair. You should look  at this technique to save yourself from baldness. Because, this time the donor area could be your chest, beard, shoulders, stomach, arms, and legs.

Body hair transplantation (BHT), also known as body hair to head transplant (BHHT), is a hair restoration surgery method that employs advanced follicular unit extraction Turkey FUE method to transfer hair follicles from areas of the body to head. Body hair to head transplant surgery in Turkey is designed to restore and repair a variety of cases on a consistent basis with life-transforming outcomes for many patients who have been rejected by most clinics as poor hair transplant candidates. For decades, it was impossible to achieve a successful hair transplant without the existence of sufficient donor hair for maximum coverage over the balding areas of the scalp. This is great news for hair loss patients who gave up on restoring their head hair.

Body to head transplantation

Body to head transplantation is one of the most remarkable techniques in the hair restoration industry, which opens today’s technology to virtually limitless amount of donor  hair. Through body to head hair transplant Turkey, hair can be harvested from the beard, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms and legs. However, to get a satisfactory outcome some factors are played an important role such as hair quality, thickness, number ıf hairs per follicular unit, donor area density and quality of the medical team, and experience of your surgeon.

Cost of body hair transplant Turkey

While body hair transplant is not a commonly performed hair restoration treatment, it doesn’t necessary translate into a high cost. Turkey offers reasonable prices for body hair transplant to most patients. Just like a traditional hair transplant surgery, the price of body hair transplant surgery depend on certain variables which include the type of technology involved in surgery. Also doctor’s fees, surgical facility and the hair restoration technique. Hair transplant Turkey offers an affordable alternative to higher cost of treatments in the UK. Allowing patients to save up to 70 percent on their treatment.

Benefits of body hair transplants

People who have lost their hair and hope after getting poor results from conventional hair transplant techniques can restore their receded hairline by undergoing body hair transplantation treatment. Body hair transplant is reserved only for individuals who suffer from extreme baldness and insufficient hair in the scalp donor area.

  • It services the severely bald (including baldness caused by advanced androgenetic alopecia or as a result of extensive scarring of the scalp
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal scarring
  • Quick recovery
  • It helps you to rectify the scars that happen because of unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries.
  • You can use your unwanted hairs for hair transplantation
  • Cost-effective surgery
  • There is no need to undergo full anesthesia

Body hair transplant procedure

To start the procedure, the surgeon will normally shave the patient’s chest first or the donor area where the grafts are taken from. Follicular Unit Extraction Turkey (FUE) is the technique used in body hair transplant procedure which involves removing healthy hair follicles directly from a donor area (chest area or body area of choice where the hair is plentiful). Because follicular units are removed from the donor area without slits and sutures, the FUE is an invasive method for hair transplantation. The main feature of the FUE method is leaving not any scars on the donor area.

The grafts extracted from the donor area are carefully transplanted onto the recipient area (the scalp). An FUE procedure can last many hours, depending on the number of grafts transplanted. For around a week following body hair transplant the head and the donor area may appear red and may be slightly swollen in places.

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    Bad Possibilities that Related to Hair Transplant Procudures Using Body Hair

    The differences between the hair in the scalp and body hair should be taken into account by patients before going under hair transplant surgery. Color, thickness, or hair structure are the most effective factors. Some patients, who use their body hair for hair transplant, have some concerns, such as the difference in structure and incompatibility between scalp hair and body hair, the possibility of hair death in two or three years after the surgery. Therefore, do not going under such an operation before be sure that you do have not any choice. Because the success rate of hair transplant using body hair is less than donor areas from the scalp. To get more successful results using body hair,  you need to plant more hair than you need.

    Good candidates for body hair transplant

    The typical patient seeking a body hair transplant in Turkey is an individual who had several attempts at hair transplants and is looking for additional donor areas to add density to the scalp. Patients with good quality and sufficient amounts of body hair can benefit from a body hair transplant surgery. The eligibility of hair transplantation with body hair, and areas where the grafts are taken, are determined by the surgeon. If the hair density is enough, the texture is close to the hair and the quality is good then these people can benefit from hair transplantation surgery.

    Recovery from body hair transplant

    Even though recovery from FUE is quick, during the first weeks after body hair transplant surgery patient should not take part in any strenuous exercise. At least three days do not wash your hair. After you start washing your hair use unscented shampoos. Do not comb your hair for at least three weeks. Until your doctor gives permission do not wear hats, beanies. You may also experience a period known as ‘shedding’ where the superficial hair follicles fall out of the head giving way for the roots to embed and settle in their new location and grow in a steady and healthy manner.

    Body hair transplant in Istanbul – Turkey?

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    Planning of Body Area Hair in Hair Transplantation

    In hair transplantation, it is tried to collect as many hair follicles as possible without damaging the nape area. After that, it is planned to take the hair follicles obtained from the beard area first. In other words, when planning a hair transplant, instead of planning to collect hair from the chest area first, some doctors prefer the beard area where more hair follicles can be taken.

    Post-Operation of Hair Roots Taken from the Body

    It takes one week and 10 days for the tiny crusts remaining on the hair follicles collected from all parts of the body to completely disappear. It takes a few months for it to reach a full homogeneous appearance. If a second operation is desired from the areas where the hair follicles are collected, a re-take can be made after 6 months as these areas completely repair themselves. The transplanted hair follicles begin to get closer to the hair character of the place where they are transplanted after 2 years. In other words, if the hair follicles taken from the nape area are planted in the eyebrow area, they may grow more slowly over time. It is not expected to return to exactly the same look.


    Hair transplantation with roots taken from the body is used in people who do not have enough primary hair follicles in the nape area. The aim is to increase the success of hair transplantation. Other hair follicles of the body that are suitable for this are taken into the transplantation planning.

    If there are hair follicles collected from the nape in body hair transplantation, they can be used in critical areas in the transplantation area to create a natural appearance. For example, the front hairline line. Hair follicles from other parts of the body can be used more as supportive and density-increasing sources. Thus, voluminous and more satisfactory hair transplantation results are obtained.

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