Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey - Direct Hair Implantation - DHI

Hair is such an important attribute of beauty and youth both for men and women

There are many different devices, cosmetic procedures and supplements to support the hair growth and keep it dense. But sometimes all these care might not be enough. Hair loss is one of the common cosmetic problems, which many people face regardless of age, race and gender. In that case hair transplantation can be the best solution. Hair transplantation developed so quickly. Now we have many effective techniques for each hair type. Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey (DHI) is an innovation in the hair transplantation world. This method is the last improved and the most effective technique. DHI brings hair back to many of those patients who was not supposed to be a good candidate for hair transplantation.

Difference between FUE and Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey

FUE is one of the most popular and very effective hair transplantation techniques. Even patients with curly hair had very good results with FUE. However, if you think that your hair is very weak and to achieve good results you need much more accurate and effective technique then Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey will be the best choice for you. During FUE Turkey transplantation firstly follicles are harvested from the back of the head and then planted to the front or the top bald area. The hair root stands outs˝de the head skin during two or three hours. During DHI transplantation the follicle is planted just after harvesting. There is no need to open a hole to plant the root. The follicle is planted by a special very tiny pen-like instrument. This is the difference between FUE and DHI, which makes the last one the most successful hair transplantation technique. It is because the time of the graft spent outside the skin is minimal. That helps to keep the extracted follicle healthy and strong. Another advantage of DHI Turkey is that this technique can be done without shaving, which is very important for women, who struggle with hair loss.

The Cost of Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey

The cost of DHI transplantation is higher than FUE. The reason for the difference in price is that DHI technique takes much more time than FUE. This technique needs much more precision.

Good Candidates for Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey

This technique will bring good results for those who are not suitable for FUE. If your hair roots are weak or your hair is tiny or curly you should better choose DHI technique. African, Afro-American, Afro-Carribean patients are also good candidates for DHI as their hair is curly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Hair Transplantation Turkey

What is the scar after DHI?

One of the biggest advantages of DHI is that there is no scar after the procedure. You will only have blood cloths on the root of the hair, which will go after few washes.

When can I start doing sport?

You can start your workouts 2 weeks after transplantation. It is very important to have heavy physical activities during the first 2 weeks as the most common reason for hair loss is stress.

Can I go on holiday and swim in the sea after the procedure?

You need to protect your head from sun or cold during 1 months after surgery. In the future it is also good not to stand a lot under the sun without a hat on your head. The hat you use straight after transplantation must be loose to not harm new planted hair. You need to avoid swimming in the pool for 1 month after surgery as the pool water includes the chlorine, which is harmful for hair.

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