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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that involves employing a small sample of the patient’s blood and spinning down the blood cells—then extracting the plasma. The resulting plasma consists of concentrated platelets and growth factors. These components are then directly injected into the balding area.

Blood, the vital fluid circulating in our veins, makes up 1/3 of our body weight. The liquid part of the blood outside the cellular elements is called “plasma” and it provides the transport of important substances such as plasma, amino acids, carbohydrates, and elements to the tissues.

One of the important cells in the blood is the platelet. The main task of thrombosis is to stop bleeding and initiate healing when vascular integrity is impaired. It contains many growth factors and cytokines in platelets. Because of these properties, platelets allow wounds to heal. Since these benefits of platelets were recognized, they have been used in many forms in the medical field. It has been used to restore the damaged tissues to normal and successful results have been obtained. PRP means blood rich in platelet cells obtained from the person’s own blood.

Results of PRP for hair loss have been highly effective as a hair loss treatment as well as amplifying hair transplant treatments results. The reason why PRP is an effective hair treatment is growth factors that are used to stimulate impaired hair follicles that are not functioning properly. Since the growth factors are from the patient’s own blood, the targeted hair loss area is infused with cells that helps increase natural tissue healing and tissue regeneration.

This results in cellular growth that stimulates hair follicles or impaired hair follicles. These injected hair follicles become larger and healthier; therefore are able to produce thicker hair.

Hair Loss

The life span of each hair is divided into three. The growth phase is the longest, in this phase, the hair grows 1 cm per month on average. After completing this phase, the hair then enters the resting phase, which lasts for several weeks. After this phase, which lasts for 2-3 weeks on average, it will enter the hair loss phase. The hair that enters the shedding phase loses its connection with the hair follicle and falls out within 2-4 months. This period can be shortened by combing, brushing, and washing the hair, but it cannot be extended. At the end of this period, even if nothing is done to the hair, the hair will fall off by itself. New hair is produced from the hair follicle to replace the shed hair.

This cycle continues for a lifetime. At any given stage, 85-90% of the hair is in the growth phase, 1-2% is in the resting phase, and 10-15% is in the shedding phase. The logic of accepting shedding up to “100” hairs a day on days without a bath is normal, comes from the physiology of the hair described above. Knowing these stages is also important in terms of understanding why the treatment takes a long time in hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for hair loss procedure

Platelet Rich Plasma in Turkey procedure for hair loss is relatively with no down time and minimal discomfort. Hair transplant Turkey experts use topical anesthetic to numb the balding area. A special roller with micro needles is then applied on the area to stimulate the skin on the scalp. The results of using the micro needle roller induces the skin to automatically begin healing and activate repair growth cells already on the scalp. PRP is then injected directly into the scalp and may be added topically to the scalp. PRP therapy for hair loss treatment takes about 80 minutes to complete.

The cost of PRP for hair loss

The cost of PRP for hair loss in Turkey is very affordable compared to the UK and Western Europe. Turkey is one of the most inexpensive medical tourism destinations in Europe due to the lower cost of living, favorable exchange rate and cheap overhead expenses. Patients traveling to Turkey for PRP for hair loss or hair transplants are able to save up to 70 percent. We offer customized packages comprising of the treatment cost, hotel accommodation, transfers in the city, interpretation—and patient hosting.

Good candidates for PRP for hair loss

PRP for hair restoration in Turkey is suitable for patients with thinning hair. Patients who have active infection on the scalp, diabetes and are using blood-thinning medications are not good candidates for PRP for hair loss in Turkey. Both men and women can benefit from PRP hair loss treatment.

Recovery from PRP for hair loss

No recuperation time is needed after PRP therapy treatment for hair loss. The recovery from PRP therapy for hair loss is typically smooth and uneventful. Pain resulting from PRP therapy is easily managed in most cases with non-narcotic medication such as Ibuprofen. Some mild swelling of the forehead is expected—but is occasionally experienced only 4-6 hours after PRP injections. This is completely normal and will subside in 48 hours. Avoiding strenuous activity is highly recommended until swelling fades. PRP Turkey for hair loss patients can wash their hair normally immediately after the injections.

Results of PRP for hair loss

Patients may see their hair grow within two months. Usually final results are seen five to eight months after treatment – however results continue to improve over a period of a year after treatment.

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