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Hair Transplant During Summer

Hair Transplant during summer months, is this a good idea?

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

Many reasons why men want a hair transplant can vary–However can affect a mans self confidence and self esteem, which is a core reason to help and address. Some people have commented that surgery is not so good during the summer months — If which is not true to word. In fact what better time to proceed with the treatment in Istanbul. However must understand it is not a quick fix and instant precautions to direct sunlight should definitely be adhered too after the surgery — Especially direct sunlight would need to be avoided for some time afterwards. Your surgeon would advise you further in this respect what to expect and care to — As the body natural recovery is better during summer months. The body absorbs natural Vitamin D from sunlight. As we all know our hair & nails grow much faster in warmer climates and exposure to sunlight. What better time to have a surgeries than in warmer summer months. Also that many people take vacations during summer period.  We all shed more hair during the cooler months. As our hair follicles aren’t as stimulated. You will agree that you tend to visit your hairdresser more often in summer months. As natural hair growth itself is twice as fast. So a view as to summer for a treatment is of total benefit overall. However a hair transplant Turkey at any given time is of benefit to all. For cosmetic reasons or for feeling more at one with oneself.

At FlyHealth, patient’s health and wellbeing have always been the focal priority. Proper guidance is provided all through the hair transplant procedure along with the post-operative recovery period.

To learn more on what to expect from hair transplant Turkey recovery, contact us for a free price quote.

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