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Hair Transplant for Women: Hints for Female Hair Restoration

Female Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss in women is a disorder unlike men. While men lose hair genetically, women generally lose hair as a result of a disease or accident. This is why hair loss in women should be treated medically or surgically.

Women can lose hair on top, sides, back and front of their head. Baldness in women occurs irregularly. Existence of donor sites is important for female hair transplant. If the hair used for transplant is not healthy, the surgery will be unsuccessful.

When should you try hair transplant?

Hair thinning is diffuse in women. So, finding healthy hair follicle is difficult on some occasions. Because men lose hair in a local manner, the rest of this area has excellent donors for surgery. However, the disease affects all of women’s hair.

Early response to hair thinning gains importance because for a successful treatment, the patient should have healthy hair follicles. Before the disease spreads all over the head, you should apply a doctor.

If you are late, your chance for hair plantation will reduce radically. Timing for hair loss treatment for women is vital.

Which women are good candidate for hair transplant?

While thinning or total hair loss is the result of a disease for women, accidents and injuries are also frequently seen reasons.

A woman who has lost hair locally because of accidents or injuries is a convenient candidate for hair transplantation, as she will have health donor on her head.

Alopecia is also common reason for women to lose hair. Women who suffer from alopecia can have their hair back thanks to hair transplantation.

Trauma and stress also might cause hair loss. If you lose hair because of such reasons, you may have chance for hair transplantation.

Sometimes, cosmetic procedures are applied unsuccessfully and women can lose hair. In this case, hair transplantation is possible.

You do not have to suffer from hair loss. If you do not like your hairline, hair transplantation offers you a chance to restructure it.

At FlyHealth, patient’s health and wellbeing have always been the focal priority. Proper guidance is provided all through the hair transplant procedure along with the post-operative recovery period.

To learn more on what to expect from hair transplant Turkey recovery, contact us for a free price quote.

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