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Hair Transplant from the Last Century

In the 1920’s, if someone promised to bring your hair back and restore youthfulness and confidence, you would believe nothing of what you hear only half of what you see!

Little do we know hair transplant treatment has been around since the 1920’s.

Almost a century ago, Dr. J. S. Parsegan started advertising a hair transplantation procedure in the magazine Science and Invention that featured a hair restoration machine designed to implant hairs into a patient’s scalp.

The technique used in the hair restoration procedure wasn’t the same as we know today; rather he would isolate a long hair of about 18-20 inches on a female patient and implant these hairs into the scalp of a male patient with the aid of the hair transplant machine.

The technique used by Dr. Parsegan had nothing to do with the viability of male hair growth–it was due to the difficulty in finding male patients with long hair that would enable the hair transplant machine to harvest and re-implant these hairs.

Back at that time period, the hair transplant machine was only designed to implant long hairs and had difficulty with shorter hairs found on males—hence long female hairs were appropriate for this ahead-of-its-time hair transplant technique.

After massage treatment, Dr. Parsegan inserts into a small machine a long female hair– 18 to 20– inches long.

He then goes over the scalp with aid of a magnifying glass and presses a button whereupon the following takes place: two lances push the way into the scalp carrying between their jaws a section of the female hair.

This technique resembles a mosquito sting as it inserts its spears into the skin of the man.

The jaws then spread slightly, leaving the hair within the tissue and a knife cuts the hair off short. The doctor then proceeds to another hair loss site and if possible implants the hair into a follicle.

The goal of this method was to stimulate the patient’s dormant hair follicles and new hair would begin to regrow on its own.

As you can imagine, this procedure is as painful as it could be, since there was no mention of painkillers.

Screaming, howling pain and the prospect of getting infected aside, this hair transplant technique was a breakthrough in hair restoration industry of the 1920’s.

There was no report on the efficacy of this procedure, nor death incident.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Today

Fast forward to the future, as we can see hair transplant surgeons have come a long to get to where we are in hair restoration industry today.

As modern methods of the future in hair transplant industry are continuously evolving, it has become a well-deserved right for every patient to receive the best results.

Follicular unit extraction FUE is the latest and most skillful method of hair transplant in Turkey.

Thanks to its minimally invasive nature that convinced millions of patients suffering from inherited hair loss to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey to restore their youthfulness and to change their lives substantially.

One of the most advanced methods used in FUE hair transplantation is the motorized, automated FUE device.

Not only does this proprietary improve surgeon’s efficiency and reduce fatigue, it also improves results by significantly increasing the success rate of graft extraction and implantation.

For more information on advanced hair transplant techniques used by Turkey’s leading hair transplant clinics, contact FlyHeath today.

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