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Hair Transplant Methods and Steps


It is the most important part of the operation. Very critical questions such as how many grafts will be transplanted to the patient, where they will be transplanted, how many sessions will be performed, where the hairline will start, where single, where double and multiple grafts will be planted. all answers are determined during planning.

During The Hair Transplant Operation

Local Anesthesia: For the patient not to feel pain, both the area where the roots will be taken and the area where the planting will take place is anesthetized with local anesthesia. The patient, who generally does not feel pain during the operation, will not have to use a pain reliever after the operation.

Removing Grafts

For this procedure, which is performed by the Fue Engine, the previously anesthetized area must be inflated with a special liquid. Thanks to this surface-expanding liquid, both the roots are freed more easily and more roots are obtained. It is possible to take around 1000-2000 roots per hour on average.

Opening The Channels

The process of opening the canals is made in the area where the roots will be opened. A predetermined number of channels must be opened in the pre-drawn area. During the planning, which should be done without shortening the patient’s hair, it is also determined where and how many channels will be opened. Although minor changes are made during the operation, this plan is generally adhered to when opening the channels. Thanks to a special apparatus, a planned number of holes, that is, the channels where the roots will be planted, are opened in the area that was previously anesthetized with local anesthesia. The number of channels should be equal to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

Transplantation Of Grafts

It is the last stage of the operation, and it is the process of planting the roots taken in the first stage into the channels opened in the second stage. Since the area has been anesthetized with local anesthesia before, there is no pain. Once the grafts are taken, they are placed in containers containing a nutritious liquid, where they will be kept sterile. Thanks to this process, which is done in regular order and by counting, both the grafts are separated into single, double, and multiple roots, and the number of grafts taken with an exact figure is determined. Separating the grafts as single, double, and multiple is of great importance because not all types of grafts are planted all over the planting area.

Discharge Of The Patient

Except for the patients who come from abroad and do not want to stay at the hotel, all patients are discharged after the operation. They do not need to be hospitalized.

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Hair loss, due to many reasons, is among the complaints of people from all age groups. Although hair loss is a common condition in women, baldness, i.e. permanent hair loss, is a more common problem in men. Thanks to the developing technology, there are different methods for the treatment of this condition that disturbs the person. Hair transplantation methods are applied both in the world and in Turkey. Which of these methods is suitable for the patient is analyzed and the treatment process begins. Hair transplantation methods have been advancing rapidly since the 90s and a more natural appearance is obtained today.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair transplantation methods are increasing day by day. There are 2 most known and used methods. In both methods, live hair follicle transplantation is performed. The applied methods are performed under local anesthesia. The reason why the methods are divided into two is the difference in the way of hair removal. In the first technique, hair follicles are taken between the two ears and leave a permanent trace in the form of a line. In the second technique, the hair follicles taken from the back of the head are applied to the area to be transplanted and there is no trace left. The best hair transplant method is determined by the hair transplant specialist depending on many reasons such as the rate of hair loss and the location of the donor area.

FUT Technique in Hair Transplantation

The most preferred and applied hair transplantation method until the beginning of the 2000s is the FUT technique. Later, the rate of use decreased due to the development of technology and the emergence of new methods.

In the FUT technique, which is one of the oldest hair transplantation methods, the hair follicles to be used for transplantation are cut and removed from the nape area between the two ears, together with the existing skin layer. After the 3 square centimeters of the skin layer are completely cut and removed, the hair follicles in the area are taken by the nurses and transferred to the area to be treated. After the process is completed, the cut area is sutured. At the end of this technique, which has a longer healing process than other methods, a suture scar remains in the cut area. The plus of this method is faster hair transplantation because the hair follicles are cut and removed collectively. However, it is not preferred as much as before due to the long recovery process and scarring.

FUE Technique in Hair Transplantation

For the last 15 years, the most preferred and developed method among hair transplantation methods is the FUE Technique. In the FUE Technique, hair follicles are collected one by one from the nape area. The hair follicles extracted with the help of a micromotor device or a manual punch are kept in a cold environment with a special solution. After the area to be transplanted is prepared for the operation, the hair follicles taken are placed in the area.

Since the hair follicles are placed one by one with the FUE Technique, the processing time varies depending on the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted. Although the duration of the procedure is prolonged with this method, the fact that the healing process takes place faster and there is no scar after the operation is among the reasons why it is preferred.

Manual Punch Hair Transplant

Manual Punch Hair Transplantation is actually a variant of the FUE technique. Punch is the name of the tool that allows the collection of hair follicles from the donor area. This tool is not electrical. It makes small holes around the hair follicles and allows the hair follicles to be collected. Among the hair transplantation methods, it was used especially in the early stages of the FUE technique. However, it later left its place to Micromotor. Micromotor Hair Transplantation Micromotor Hair Transplantation, like Manual Punch Hair Transplantation, is a variant of the FUE Technique. It is the most preferred method among hair transplantation methods today. Micromotor Punch is an electronic device and provides a faster collection of hair follicles from the donor area. Thus, hair transplantation takes place more quickly. Hair follicles are roots that can maintain their vitality in the skin, but quickly lose their vitality after leaving the head area. For this reason, the percentage of survival in hair follicles collected with Micromotor Punch is higher. This improves the success rate of hair transplant surgery.

DHI Hair Transplant

The Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) method, as the name suggests, is a direct hair transplant. It is one of the most recent hair transplantation techniques. The DHI method is used together with the FUE technique. Hair follicles collected one by one with the FUE method are transplanted with the DHI method. The difference between this method from the FUE method is that grooving and hair transplantation is done at the same time, thanks to its special pen. This minimizes the processing time and increases the success rate. Another advantage of this method is that it allows dense and frequent sowing. It is also used as a hair tightening method, apart from applying it to the areas where hair loss is experienced. However, in people with complete hair loss, if there are not enough hair follicles in the donor area, denser transplantation that can be applied in this method will not occur.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplantation ranks second among the newest methods used. In this method, hair follicle collection and hair transplantation are performed by the computer. It is the most popular method among hair transplantation methods. It works on the same principle as the FUE hair transplant method. The only difference is that the process is performed by a computer with sensitive arms.

Hyperbaric Hair Transplant

Among the hair transplantation methods, the method used to accelerate the healing process is the Hyperbaric Hair Transplantation method. In this method, oxygen is used. The wound healing power of oxygen also provides easy healing of the holes opened during the hair transplant operation. This method is not applied directly during hair transplantation but after hair transplantation.

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