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Is Hair Transplant a Solution For Hair Loss?

If hair is starting falling down by the age of 50, most men accept it as natural and do not care much about it. However, it is normal to see some young people are having alopecia by the age of 30 or before that. Alopecia is also getting very common in women.

With the advancements in medical technology, it is no longer a big issue to have big hair loss like androgentic alopecia with hair transplants. Modern technology is here to help you get your hair back. There are different patterns for male baldness. These people with baldness are searching for hair transplantation as long term solution to alopecia.

It is very hard for women to deal with baldness as hair is like a lifestyle for women. FUE hair transplant or strip hair transplants ia a good solution to hair loss problem.

What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is used since 1950s to plant hairs on bald areas of scalp. Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which single hairfollicles or a narrow strip of hair tissue behind the head is extracted and transplanted in different parts of head with less or no hair.

There are two common hair transplant surgery techniques.

  1. Strip Harvesting: A strip of skin is taken from an area which is selected as donor. Hair follicles extracted from this strip and transplanted on bald areas.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Small grafts of hair follicles are extracted from donor area and transplanted to hairless areas.

Surgeon will do a consultation with patient to know more about patient’s expectations from hair transplantation and decide which techique will be used.

Folliscop test prior to transplantation is helpful to identify the existing density of hair follicles. This will also give an idea about how many grafts will be required to get health results from bald area. Hair transplant surgeon may also want patient to use hair growth medicines like minoxidil or some hair growth vitamins  regularly to get better results.

Patient’s health is also important for good results. Patient should not have any other serious diseases and refrain from alcohol and smoking to get better results.

Hair Transplant Before And After Results

Everybody wants to see results very soon after hair transplant. However, good results cannot be seen if no gentle care is given to scalp for a few months after hair transplant surgery is done.

First five to seven days after the surgery, scalp skin will be very tender and sensitive. During these days, scalp should be kep away from direct sunlight, humid weather or places like steams or saunas. It is also adviseable not to use harsh shampoo or conditioner.

It is also advisable to wear front buttoned clothing to be gentle on the transplanted area. Hair transplant patient should take all medications given by the surgeon and be careful about after care. All prescribed Antibiotic or any kind of anti-inflammatory drug should be taken fort he number of days It is also valuable to use hair growth vitamins for better results.

Three to five days will be enough to go back to normal life style. After surgery, transplanted hair will start falling down within two to four weeks and new hair will begin to grow from hair follicles.

It is also recommended by surgeons to use hair growth drugs like minoxidil(rogaine) to stimulate hair growth after hair transplant surgery. However, patient should consult to doctor before using any kind of drugs other than what is recommended by the surgeon.

Side Effects and Risks of a Hair Transplant

After hair transplant, minor side effects can be seen within a few weeks. Bleeding, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, infections, itching or unnatural looking tufts of hair can be some of the complications after hair transplant surgery. This small complications can be treated by drugs prescribed by hair transplant surgeon.

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