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Hair transplant weekends in Istanbul: What to expect with FlyHealth?

Istanbul became popular and well know destination for hair transplantation. While walking through popular Istiklal Street, its impossible not to notice heads just transplanted with new hair.  The reasons for this popularity is; usage of latest techniques in hair transplantation, highly skilled doctors and good hospitals.

At FlyHealth, we have seen increasing interest in weekend bookings. Therefore, our clinics perform hair transplant surgeries on Saturday and Sunday’s as well. Hair transplantation is carried out about 6-8 hours and check up takes place next day. During check up appointment PRP is also applied.

Why is PRP necessary?

PRP is created by removing a small amount of blood from a patient, separating the blood into the cellular and fluid-like plasma components, removing a portion of the plasma enriched with platelets, and injecting the sample back into the patient.

The therapy promotes cellular growth and healing, serves a valuable purpose in hair transplant surgery. Injecting PRP promotes faster healing and better growth. Take a look at part of the PRP session that is being applied during check up of our patient: (click to watch)

What to expect after the surgery?

Right after the surgery you will see red spots, but these will disappear in about one week. After follicular unit hair transplant, we remove any bandages the day after the procedure and gently shower/shampoo the transplanted area. The bandages do not need to be reapplied. The reason the dressing can be removed so soon is that follicular unit grafts fit into tiny needle-size incisions that heal in just one day.  Here you can see a picture of how the head looks like just the same day of the surgery.

Some patients feel more comfortable with having hat to cover redness of the head. Take a look at our female patients words from Ireland; (click to watch). She preferred to have an hat after the procedure, which is totally possible! The transplanted hairs fall out at around 2 weeks, then start to regrow at 3 months, where they will continue to grow for a lifetime.

For more information on hair transplants or eyebrows transplant, contact us today for a free price quote.

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