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Hair transplantation at FlyHealth in Istanbul

Hair loss is an issue which occurs with more people everyday. It can occur with old people but also with younger people. Due to the stressful lifestyles, different types of tight hairstyles, harmful hair products and weather conditions, your hair gets affected and can result in hair loss. Everyone wants to look good and can miss the stress around hair loss. It affects the self-esteem and thus the daily life. FlyHealth is there to help as we have the most recent technologies and techniques to solve your hair loss problem. But why would you choose for FlyHealth and go all the way to Istanbul (Turkey) to get a hair transplantation done?


Like previously said, FlyHealth uses the latest technologies and techniques to conduct a hair transplantation. Not only that, also the technique and technologie that will be chosen for you will according to your personal situation and expectations.

Personal and Unique

The consultants and surgeons know how important it is for you to get back the hair you once were proud of. That is why we put importance in each patient on an individual basis. All our patients have a different story, their story and we listen to it with the outmost attention. We want to understand the patient’s issue in a proper way so that we can help in a proper way. Not only does each patient have their own story, also do they have their own hair structure. It is not that their are only three types of hair, straight, waved and curly. Their is a different in each structure and follicle as well. Mostly Caucasian people have the same type of hair and this counts as well for Asian and African people. However, there is always a slight different with each individual.

Cost effective

The cost is a major factor for patients whether to choose for a hair transplantation or not. Many patients get enthusiastic but when they figure out the price in their country they have to cancel their plan as it is above their cost expectations. FlyHealth provides all types of hair transplantations for a much cheaper price. Now, many people are suspicious when something is cheap at one place but expensive at all the other places. The reason why FlyHealth can offer a much cheaper price and let patients save up to 80%, is because of the location. The living standards in Istanbul (Turkey) are much cheaper than those in other Western countries. The accommodation is cheaper, the transportation is cheaper and the honorarium of the doctor/surgeon is cheaper. These factors play a big role in the total costing of the treatment. FlyHealth doesn’t compromise in quality, safety nor hygiene.


Except for being a perfect Holiday destination, Istanbul is also a known city for its medical-tourism. Many people from across the globe come to Turkey to get a health treatment done. It is the centre of Europe and thus easy to reach for all countries. While getting your treatment done you can plan a trip towards the city as well.


We have hair transplant patients from all over the world and each of them give us a review afterwards. They are always happy and satisfied after the procedure and would recommend FlyHealth with proud to other prospective patients.

“I just received my hair transplant with FlyHealth. Their service was excellent!”

(Hashem, Germany)

”A memorable trip. They explained every detail before and after the treatment.”

(Wael, UK)

”I would recommend them to anyone looking for a surgery in Turkey.”

(Asif, UK)

”Great customer service and value for money.”

(Adam, UK)

”The procedures were all better than I normally receive in the US, and at a fraction of the cost.”

(David, USA)

”They have an excellent and well experienced pool of doctors and support staff which is quite impressive. Thanks a lot for all the help FlyHealth.”

(Sid, Scotland)

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