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Hair Transplantation liposuction, neck lift, dental veneers, dental crowns Review by David Gatlinburg, from TN – Testimonial

David Gatlinburg, from TN

Hair transplantation, liposuction, neck lift, dental veneers, dental crowns

“I look ten years younger”

“FUE hair transplant to correct thinning hair; liposuction to remove belly fat; neck lift to correct sagging; facial and crown fat removal and injections to appropriately move fat around on my face and pump up a scar area in my crown from an old scalp reduction; three crowns and three veneers as recommended by the dentist to correct uneven front bottom teeth caused by two over sized crowns placed in the US following an automobile accident. The procedures were all better than I normally receive in the US, and at a fraction of the cost.

FlyHealth selected three of the most outstanding physicians in Istanbul (the plastic surgeon and dentist were both university professors), scheduled all appointments and procedures, negotiated the best possible prices (the plastic surgeon was US$1,000 cheaper than I was quoted on my own), and accompanied me to all of my numerous consultations and procedures in Istanbul.The cosmetic surgeon that performed the liposuction, neck lift, and facial and crown fat removal and injections, as well as the dentist that created a perfect front row of bottom teeth, using three crowns and three veneers, were truly artists. My own mother commented that I looked ten years younger with short hair, but never suspected that the real improvement was the result of fat removed from my sagging neck and fat injections pumping up my cheeks and filling in under my eyes. A sign of great cosmetic surgery is having people recognize that you look better but not realize that you had work done. Samet Okuv, the FlyHealth representative that assisted me throughout what could have been a rough two weeks of medical tourism, was perfect. I was often maimed, neck brace for the neck lift, girdle for the liposuction, head wrap and then 4,000 scabs from the transplants, black eye that just happened, and even a broken toe from an incident on the tram. Samet continued to encourage me to go out and enjoy the city, stating that they are used to seeing cosmetic surgery patients in Istanbul. As we completed the forms for general anesthesia at American Hospital, Samet joked that he was being listed as my next of kin in Turkey. That seemed appropriate, considering the care that I received from FlyHealth in Istanbul.”

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