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Hair Transplantation Review by George, from UK – Testimonial

George, from UK

Hair Transplantation

“Travelled abroad for hair transplant, wanted value for money”
“I’ve been going bald since I was 20 and by the time I was 30, my hair was gone and so was my self-confidence. At that time I tried many different pills and lotions but to no avail, almost every day in the morning I was finding my hair on the cushion. For a few years I’ve been thinking about hair transplant, but I really wasn’t sure until my wife told me to find a good clinic and simply do it.
I decided to go abroad for the transplant and wanted value for my money.

When I found Fly Health they explained everything to me and although I still had my doubts, I took a trip to Turkey, to clinic. Doctor who performed the surgery was very kind and patient, he reassured me even though I was quite nervous shortly before the procedure. He and nurses took good care of me and I know that I got maximum number of grafts during the surgery. I spent my recovery in a quiet, nice hotel, under professional care. Now I’m nearly six months after surgery and I must say that results are pretty good. Transplanted hair fell out, exactly as I was told, and new ones are growing. Now I can finally be carrying my comb with me, as I used to do when I was a teenager!”

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