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Hair Transplantation Review by Lateef Us – Testimonial

Lateef Us

Hair Transplantation

“The results after 1 month are amazing.”

“I’m 48 yrs old and for me my appearance was really a problem when my hair was reducing month after month. Those guys at Fly Hair did a great job for me , they guided me from A to Z . They explained every detail before I decided, then when I made my decision they helped me alot, from airport free transportation to the hotel and then all over my trip up there. The hotel was close to the clinic and was so good , the clinic and clinical specialist were excellent, they did it in one day , the second day they did a check and a second plasma session and that’s it. I got my hair again. I’m writing now after one month and the early results were amazing. I really appreciate Fly Hair and recommend them to anyone who wants to do hair transplantation, they are excellent.

The specialist and his staff were professionals, it was neat and clean clinic and according to the best clinical standards , clinic place was in an amazing tower building with more than 30 storeys in the Asian side of Istanbul , this clinic is among the best in Turkey, I recommend them to all of your guys.”

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