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Hair Transplantation Review by Ramsay, from UK – Testimonial

Ramsay, from UK

Hair Transplantation

“Hair transplant that was explained thoroughly and was delivered exceptionally”

“I arrived in Istanbul and was greeted by one of the people responsible for the transfers. I was then transfered to the clinic where they began tests for treatment. I couldn’t of asked for a better service in all honesty, it took around 8 hours for 3000 grafts and the Doctor done a fantastic job; not only the doctor but the whole team. I felt no pain whatsoever whilst the treatment was done and would recommend this clinic to anyone from the UK that feel that language may be a barrier. This was not the case as everyone spoke perfect English. I had a hair transplant that was explained thoroughly and was delivered exceptionally. I was in Istanbul for three days where the first day was a discussion and plan following the transplant. Day 2 consisted of rest and a check up which doesn’t take long so gives you time to explore Istanbul. Day 3 is the final day where they washed my head and gave me the specific medication and shampoos; the medication is painkillers which I personally didn’t use as I felt no pain. I was then transfered to the airport after a successful transplant. Affordable and great service from a very established doctor. I even received a message from the doctor 3 weeks after the surgery asking me if all was well which was very impressive.

The clinic was in a very nice area next to a park and a cafe which serve quality food. Upon entrance i was greeted by the receptionists and taken to meet the doctor. The clinic was very clean and the doctors looked very professional. I have seen clinics in London that don’t look as good as the clinic in Istanbul I was in. The hotel provided was also fantastic. I had no problems throughout the whole experience.”

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