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Happy Patient with Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and childbirth create physical changes in the female body. Likewise, these physical changes continue during the breastfeeding period. Mommy makeover aims to restore the body structure by eliminating the changes that occur in the female body after these processes.

Patient Comment And Positive Views

She says that having this operation in Istanbul was a wonderful experience. She talks about having a good time and getting good service from landing to return.

She booked her appointment and then she paid the deposit. And she gave the flight information to the company. And then she didn’t do anything but get on the plane because the company did everything for her. The transporter picked her up from the airport. And the transporter dropped her off at the hotel for the first night. The next morning, they took her from the hotel and dropped her at the hospital.

She spent three days in the hospital. The next day a transporter came to the hotel and picked her up and dropped her off at the doctor’s office. The doctor changed her bandages and checked her. And then the nurse came to the hotel to check on her. And a few days later, she went to the doctor’s office for the final visit. Then she flew to where she lives. She highly recommends FlyHealth because of the service and quality.

Why Is Mommy Makeover Done?

Maternity aesthetics is performed to eliminate the negative effects of changes in the mother’s body after birth and breastfeeding.

Just as the state of body structures before birth and breastfeeding is different for each woman, the physical changes that will occur after childbirth will be different for each woman. For this reason, maternity aesthetic operations are performed to eliminate deformations and reshape your body with special procedures for your body.

What Does Mommy Makeover Cover?

The regions where the most obvious changes are observed during the birth and breastfeeding process are the waist, abdomen, and breast regions. Although these regions seem to be independent of each other, they are actually regions that affect each other, and therefore, the possibility of restoring the body to the desired form increases by planning several applications jointly and performing surgeries on these regions.

Maternity aesthetics is a combined aesthetic operation that includes all body parts that are naturally deformed during birth and breastfeeding. In this context, the regions covered by maternity aesthetics can be listed as the abdomen, hip, and breast regions, and vaginal aesthetics can also be included in this scope.

Who is Mommy Makeover For?

Maternity aesthetic operations are performed on women who have given birth and who have completed the breastfeeding period. Mothers who are unhappy with their body appearance after the birth process need this operation after giving birth and have the body they want with this operation.

During pregnancy, the inner abdomen expands and this causes postpartum sagging and lubrication. At the same time, the growth of the abdominal region during pregnancy will cause cracks due to enlargement of the skin. After birth, this enlargement will leave its place to sagging and waist thickening, and this physical change will lead to psychological wear. In addition, after the milk glands work hard and the breasts grow, the breasts lose their form and become deformed. People who experience these deformations in their bodies can apply to maternity aesthetics.

Maternity aesthetics can also be applied to people who experience the above-mentioned body deformations in cases of excessive weight loss or advanced age.

Mommy Makeover in İstanbul

Conditions to Consider Before and After Mommy Makeover

At least 3 weeks before the mommy makeover operation, aspirin use should be discontinued and smoking should be stopped. One week before the surgery, drugs or substances that have blood-thinning effects should be avoided. Before the surgery, foods that may cause constipation should be avoided for three days, and care should be taken to consume easy-to-digest foods and vegetable dishes.

After the maternity aesthetic surgery, the patient should be dressed in an abdominal corset and the patient should be fed and lifted approximately 3-4 hours after the operation. Especially in the first 4-5 days, they should be careful not to walk upright to protect the stitches. Patients can take a shower after the drains are removed, and they can return to their daily lives a few weeks after the surgery.

She recommends our service for anyone that’s in consideration of any type of plastic surgery or any type of life-changing body experience. And for her, it was a wonderful experience.

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