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Having cosmetic surgery abroad this summer will refresh your body

2021 Summer might be one of the most awaited summers in recent years. We all have sources of stress in our daily lives and we all need this summer to get some rest. As FlyHealth, we kept on welcoming our patients in recent months and prepared great campaigns to offer you for having cosmetic surgery abroad.

An increasing number of people travel each year and health has become an important motivation for people to travel to other countries. Turkey is one of the first countries that come to one’s mind when thinking of having cosmetic surgery abroad. With its well-established health system, the country is a safe destination welcoming foreign patients from the UK and Europe.

This summer, as a well-known tourism destination, Turkey takes it very seriously to offer tourists a safe environment. With the increasing vaccination efforts and decreasing covid cases, the country is each day getting near to normality. Taking this opportunity, it might be a very good idea to secure your place for a surgery in this summer.

Customized offers with Flyhealth

We believe in the value of one-to-one communication. Our campaigns are deals aimed at those surgeries that a majority of the people ask from us. However, if you want to further customize your package, we are completely open and ready to improve your offer and customize the content and price of your package. You can combine tummy tuck and breast surgeries or customize your package according to your needs. Each patient is unique, thus, every treatment must necessarily be unique.

Making the right decision

NHS, the health service of the UK, advises citizens to consider having surgery abroad with its pros and cons. We try to minimize the handicaps of this process and offer you a process as smooth and seamless as possible. Also, the importance of consultations is underlined by NHS. We do our best to get your medical situation assessed by our doctors, specialists and dentists and inform you continuously throughout the process.

How do we ensure smooth recovery?

You want to reveal and improve the beauty of your body. Yet, you want to recover as quickly as possible to enjoy your summer vacation. This is possible with experienced medical expertise, aftercare checkups and consultations with the doctor and post-treatment advice by your doctor. Every phase of your medical packages are prepared so that you have a relaxing, joyful summer while getting your body renewed.

What if I’m not able to travel after having booked?

Don’t worry! Booking your plastic surgery with us means that you receive the service of a reliable company. We see our patients as long-term partners and we promise that any case of emergency that might delay their coming to Turkey can be handled by us with flexibility and understanding.

Our offers to get you ready for this summer

As Flyhealth, we try our best to offer our experienced medical expertise to our patients. For this, we are initiating two campaigns:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Surgery

Our Tummy Tuck package includes Tummy Tuck, 2 area Liposuction, Belly Button, Muscle Repair and Corset, hotel&hospital stay, all the private transfers from airport to hotel and clinic and a patient host who knows your native language and will accompany you throughout this process.

Our Tummy Tuck package is now just  for you. This summer is the perfect time for you to take a break from your work and benefit from this opportunity.

A fuller sense of body contouring

Sometimes, people need a more comprehensive approach. We especially considered these people and added an offer of 2 back liposuctions for them. If you want back liposuction, and combine it with our Tummy Tuck package, you get lower back and bra line liposuction for the price of one liposuction.

Breast Surgery and the importance of Implants

Many people underestimate the importance of material used in surgeries. They focus too much on the price. In fact, breast implant is very important because it’s a foreign material that is put inside your body. In order to prevent later complications, you need to make sure which brand of implant with what size is being put inside your breasts.

You want a natural look, a bigger size, a rounder view and all of these in such a manner that they should seem a real part of your body. To achieve all this, we use Mentor Breast Implants with Lifetime Warranty. You won’t regret your decision once you wear your bikinis on the beach.

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