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How To Stay Healthy And Fit In Quarantine

healthyUnfortunately, we are all struck by a worldwide pandemic, forcing people around the globe to remain indoors at all times if possible. This has resulted in the temporarily shutdown of many clinics, gyms and businesses of which you previously made use to stay healthy and fit. However, what are you going to do to stay healthy and fit during the COVID-19 crisis? Are you going to let quarantine get the better of you? Of course not! There are many ways which you can explore that will help you to stay as healthy and fit as possible from the comfort of your own house or as a result of cosmetic surgery. In this article we will discuss some handy DIY-methods and cosmetic procedures to help you stay as beautiful as possible. Sounds interesting? Let’s go!

1. Abdominoplasty – a tummy-tuck

You might think to yourself: ‘what is abdominoplasty?’. Good question. Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to make the abdomen more firm and thinner. The surgery involves removing excess fat and skin to tighten the surrounding muscles, creating a thinner, more strong appearance. During COVID-19, you might find yourself lacking the necessary nutrition to properly feed your body. We rarely go to the supermarket and when we do, we now often purchase long-lasting food, which most of the times aren’t the healthiest. Hence, the kilos can quickly sneak up on us and leave us with excess skin and fat. A well-executed cosmetic procedure can reverse this unnecessary excess of skin and fat and make you feel and look healthy and fit! For some amazing before-and-after pictures of the tummy-tuck click here!

2. Gynecomastia – male breast surgery

In relation to our previous point about abdominoplasty, the extra kilos can certainly settle around the pectoral muscles of men, covering them and creating a weak, unmasculine appearance which is often referred to as ‘man boobs’. Considering the lack of training that is necessary to stimulate the pectoral muscles into growth due to the forced closure of gyms and other sporting facilities, older men can quickly create ‘gynecomastia’. This causes the breast tissue to swell and creates the appearance of a feminine chest. Being overweight is a frequent cause of gynecomastia because this increases the level of estrogen, the female hormone, and results in a more feminine appearance. Thanks to cosmetic procedures, like male breast surgery, this phenomenon can be reversed to help you achieve a more masculine, manly physique (before-and-after pictures can be found here)!

3. Chin augmentation – for a stronger appearance

Most people aren’t blessed with a perfectly chiseled jawline as if they were carved from Zeus themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot achieve a masculine look by usage of cosmetic procedures, like chin augmentation. An unhealthy diet, saturated fats and lack of proper training results in fat build-up in the face, covering the chin and creating a soft appearance. Most weak chins rid the face of a healthy balance and structure. A strong, defined chin is the key for proper definition of a person and immediately creates an aura of confidence and chivalry. People with a ‘fleshy neck’ are perfect candidates that might consider a chin correction. By using an artificial implant, the chin is given a boost that is permanent and solid. This leaves the patient with a well-proportioned, masculine and confident appearance. Find out more about chin augmentation!

4. Home workouts – do they work?

Home workouts are becoming extremely popular now that everyone is forced to stay at home. But we aren’t going to let this crisis hurt our physical and mental health. That’s why you got to keep working out as frequently as possible to maintain a fit physique. Studies have shown that regular exercising results in the healthy release of endorphins, which helps you to feel good and healthy. In addition to letting you feel good they also assist in relieving pain and stress. This is what you need during your forced time at home. Whenever you can, make sure to do a home workout to stay positive and stress-free! Check out this workout, which is one of our favorites.

5. Yoga – become Zen

Higher energy, better body posture, enhanced flexibility, improved mood and less stress are just a fraction of the rewards of yoga. Through conscious yoga breathing, you become aware of the connection between your mind and body. That results into major anti-aging advantages. Yoga breathing has been proven to oxygenate the cells, helping them to get rid of toxins, help prevent sickness, and make skin radiant. Unlike other exercises, yoga poses are designed to be beneficial for both the inside and outside of the body, which helps rejuvenate the digestive system, the reproductive system and even your immune system. It is one of the best ways to create a healthy mind-to-body connection and to perceive all stimuli earth has to offer. Try yoga in combination with tip number 4 and experience the benefits!

We cannot always forecast what happens to us, but we can choose how we act. The COVID-19 crisis unfortunately hits the entirety of the world, but we cannot allow it to make us weak and unhealthy. By properly feeding your body, working out regularly and considering proper and well-executed cosmetic surgeries executed by medical professionals in the field, you can maintain a healthy and fit body throughout the quarantine. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Find out more about cosmetic surgery on our website!

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