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Interview with Cosmetic Surgery Specialist

We had the honour to talk with one of the best plastic surgeons in Istanbul, cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Eda. She explained us which surgeries she conducts, how the procedure goes and what one can expect. We talked with her about face-lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, nose corrections and breast enlargements. As it was very useful for us to here all the details from a doctor, we are sure that it will help you in clearing your doubts (and maybe fears) as well.


Dr. Eda is born in Germany but has done her medical studies in Istanbul. After her studies of plastic surgery, she got the opportunity to work with a team of highly respected surgeons and that as a fallow. Now she works in her own private practice and is a member of the EBOPRAS, an abbreviation of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aestethic Surgery. She has herself specialised in the surgeries of nose corrections, breast enlargements and the aging face.

Aging Face

As it is a very popular surgery, everyone now a day want to keep their youthful looks. A typical face lift involves facelifts, mid-facelifts and specially redetermination surgery around the eyes to decrease wrinkles and restore the tightness of the skin. There is also an option to have a non-surgical facelift which includes the effects of three different therapies. It is a combination of the Madonna facelift and the vampire lift, which is called by surgeons the ‘Rich Madonna’. There are 3 different therapies used with this facelift. First the fractional laser is used for surfacing the skin, then a radio frequency is used for the deeper layers of the skin which will tighten the skin and reduce the wrinkles and as last the vampire lift. This last therapy uses the patient’s own blood platelets to renew the cells of the face and enhance the healing process. The total procedure takes about 2-3 days. Some redness and puffiness can occur but with enough lotion it will fade away easily. After the procedure, you don’t have to stay in the hospital nor do you have to stay at home. You can continue your work without issue.

Nose Correction

A second quite popular plastic surgery is that of the nose. Many people are not satisfied with the look of their nose, have medical problems with it or have had a traumatic experience of bullying because of it. They decide to have a nose correction done, and Dr. Eda has cleared some doubts and questions for us.

After the surgery, when you wake up, you will find a cast around your nose. It will have incisions to let you breath properly. As it was a surgery you will have to stay overnight in the hospital. Swelling, bruising and pain will occur. For the pain, painkillers are given and the swelling and bruising fade away after a day or 2-3. It is not to bad so you will be able to proceed your daily activities. After 3 days, the bruising will be faded. A check-up takes place after 7 days and the cast and stiches will be removed. A paper tape will be placed on your nose but this you can take off yourself, at home, after a week.

As many people have a fear about the results and whether it will be up to their expectations, Dr. Eda told us how she goes to work. A simulation is made to see the effect on the nose. A patient doesn’t always have a clear vision of what is natural looking and that is why a simulation is done to tell what can be done and what will still look natural. The results are permanent thus the correction has to be done correctly.

Breast Enlargement

A breast enlargement is done with implants of silicon only. Dr. Eda uses the brands Mentor and Allergan, which are both FDA, approved.

After the surgery, the patient stays overnight in the hospital. Some pain can occur but painkillers can solve this issue. According to which type of job you do, you can continue your work after 5 days.

Many women are concerned about the problems after the breast enlargement regarding breast feeding. This can not be excluded after the surgery but it is not an expectation that it will occur. Depending on the way the implant was inserted the problem will occur or not.

Implants don’t have to get changed over the years but with aging the shape might become different.

Brazilian Butt-lift

This procedure is a very popular one. Generally a liposuction takes place and the fat that comes out of the other parts of the body gets placed in the butt area. It is crucial to have enough fat. If you are to skinny there wont be enough fat to harvest and if you are 8kg too much you will still look overweight after the procedure. It is very important to be a good match for this procedure. We do a liposuction to create a narrow waist so that the newly shaped hips are in the centre. Over a period of 3 months the injected fat will become approx. 1/3 less.

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