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Is Medical Tourism worth it?

Medical Travel

Flying abroad for medical tourism is one of the big dreams of people. Many of us save for years to travel to foreign countries. But some people travel to another country for better medical care. Is medical tourism worth it? Absolutely, yes! There are so many places where people are not able to meet their average medical needs due to insufficient medical facilities and inexperienced doctors. According to PwC, around 14 million patients travel to another country for medical treatment every year. Every year, more than 600,00 patients travel from Indonesia, around 500,000 patients travel from The United States & around 400,000 patients travel from China.

That’s a huge ratio. There are some of the common treatments for medical tourism which people go overseas such as cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, heart surgery, IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), cancer treatments & many more. But is it really easy to plan for medical tourism? No, not at all. Medical tourism brings a lot of responsibilities and risks that you need to care of.

Let’s go through some useful tips before getting ready for a medical tour

Travel & Health Insurance

Travel & Health Insurance

Packed everything for the foreign medical tour? Don’t forget to take international medical tourism insurance. Medical tourism insurance covers all your treatment expenses including airfare, coverage for flight cancellations and accidents, coverage for flight delays & many more. If you are out of budget due to health complications then at that time medical insurance will help you to cure extra expenses.

AXA, IMG, Allianz, GeoBlue, Seven Corners & Trawick International are some of the well-known medical insurance providers.

Hospital & Doctor Authorization

Hospital and Doctor Authorization

Before starting your medical journey, obtain a list of some accredited health institutions and authorized doctors. With the help of Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program, you can easily find the top-performing hospitals.

Some of the accrediting groups such as Joint Commission International, DNV GL International Accreditation for Hospitals & The International Society for Quality in Healthcare can also help you in finding a reputable hospital.


Translator for Medical TourismAre you going to Turkey for your medical treatment? Around 90% of people speak Turkish in Turkey. Don’t forget to hire a professional translator or a medical interpreter to make your medical journey successful and stressless.


Accommodation for Medical TourismFinding accommodation can be a hectic thing while going on a medical trip. Most of the patients spend a lot of money on getting accommodation. Contact some of the famous medical tourism facilitators and networkers such as FlyHealth, KPJ Healthcare, BB Healthcare Solutions, etc.

Consult before travel

Health Consultation Medical TourismAlways consult your local doctor or a healthcare expert before planning for medical tourism. Discuss your medical tour with an experienced doctor or a good practitioner. Learn about the health risks you may face during the journey. It’s important to take a piece of healthy advice for a healthy journey.


Medical tourism is worth it as it’s one of the best options for those who are suffering from a disease for a very long time. As the medical tourism industry is growing fast day by day, the above tips can help you to choose the best for you. UK, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore & Mexico are the top 10 countries that are mostly visited for medical tourism. Which is your favorite? Choose the best country for your medical treatment now.

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