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It’s a Man’s Thing

Today in the office we were talking about men baldness with Adriaan, he is one of those who suffers from it.

Most men don’t even think about baldness, until it becomes their very own problem. Hair loss, technically called alopecia, is a problem that is mainly related to male population, and hormones, namely testosterone, are to blame. Unfortunately there nothing we can do about hormones, so there is still no way that medicine could stop men from becoming bald. And baldness can become a very serious problem for men who start to become thin ­on ­top. While some are able to simply accept the fact, that hair loss is inevitable for the majority of male population, for many others this is a clear sign that are ageing, and while losing their hair they also lose self­ confidence, thinking that from this time on they will no longer be considered handsome.

hair-transplant-8 hair-transplant-3Fortunately nowadays aesthetic medicine has some ways in which hair loss can be stopped or even surgically reversed. While the latter doesn’t necessarily mean that new hair will grow, transplantation in a possible option, that allows bold areas of head to be full of hair again. Hormonal changes, which are responsible for androgynous balding, affect hair in the front and on top of the skull, usually leaving those in the back in good condition. This allows surgeon to remove grafts or follicles from the back of head, that are next inserted in balding areas.

This is a relatively easy and painless process, which only requires the patient to be given local anaesthetic, the only downside of this method being the fact, that it is time­ consuming, as removing hair and planting them back may take up to several hours. After the procedure patient is required to take antibiotics, in case of inflammation, and just in a few days, he can return to work and normal life. Scar that is left in the back of the head after surgery is very small and invisible, when covered with hair, over time as this scar heals, it becomes even smaller, until it is barely possible to notice it, even with a closer look.

And what happens after the surgery? Men who had hair transplantation should be prepared for the fact, that new hair will fall out in the matter of up to 6 weeks, and that this is normal. There should be no need to worry as new hair will start growing to replace those recently lost, and it is common for about 60% of transplanted hair to survive. This is more than enough to give a man a new look and more self­confidence.

While many years ago hair transplants were very expensive and thus available only for those really well­ up, nowadays not only did the price went down, but also new possibilities arrived with expansion of health travelling, which means that with FlyHealth hair transplant done abroad can be a real bargain, while still being very safe and performed only by skilled and experienced surgeons.

Our patient Aridaan from the Netherlands is one of those who had traveled to Turkey for hair transplant solution.  Men baldness was also his problem and he has luckily found a solution via us.

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