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Jamie Gets a Hair Loss Relief with Afro Hair Transplant Istanbul Solution

Performing hair transplant for the afro hair type is somewhat challenging. However, as afro hair transplant Istanbul professionals, we have successfully managed to achieve adorable results on very many of our afro hair patients.

In this blog post, we are going to feature one of our male patients of Afro descent who had a successful black hair transplant.

Hair loss for the African-Caribbean descent is increasingly becoming an issue. And the ordeal is very emotional especially in the case of women. This, we are already aware of, and as such, are more compassionate, sensitive and accommodating when doing afro hair transplants.

Our Afro hair patient, Jamie, at first had his hairline perfectly positioned normally. He narrated to us his story, which was very touching and we knew we had to really find him a solution. A perfect one!  Jamie’s favourite hair style is braiding.  He was kind of used to this hairstyle for years, though at times he would chose to just have a plain hair without styling.

One fine morning while in front of the mirror prepping for college, he noticed that his hairline had a slight retreat from its usual position. At first he never took it seriously as he assumed that it was as a result of the tight braids he had on his head. Therefore, Jamie thought that it would soon fade away after getting the braids off.

Surprisingly, he was actually right! Because tight braiding, chemical relaxers and extensions among other issues are the causes of hair loss, medically known as Traction Alopecia.

Jamie went on with his hairstyle as usual, not knowing that he was actually feeding more of the hair loss problem. Three months down the line, the hair loss had become so obvious and anyone could notice it easily. It really did stressed him, and you know, nothing matters most to a young man than his glitzy looks!

So, he set off to find a remedy. Jamie says a friend of his told him about Flyhealth and that’s how we met Jamie. When we first met him, we knew he really needed a remedy as soon as possible, or at least a sign of hope that he will get his hair back on track. We had all reasons not to disappoint him. And we didn’t!

Even though we knew that black hair transplant is more complicated as compared to that for Caucasian or Asian descent, basing it on our experience and other similar hair transplants we had done, we had a solution for Jamie. The curly nature of the afro hair and the root are what make it more complex to carry out transplants.

With Jamie’s case, we had to employ our expertise which combined several hair transplant procedures. This is a technique that is quite unique that has always brought us successful results. As you can see in the photo above, Jamie’s afro hair transplant came out successfully. He never developed any lumpy scars after the transplant and the hairline grew back to normal.

It’s been about a year now and our follow up with him revealed that his hair loss problem had been alleviated for good. He couldn’t hide his joy and really thanked us since at first he wasn’t sure that he would get a solution. We are glad we gave Jamie an admirable solution with our afro hair transplant Istanbul proficiency.

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